How to sew a corset

After talking a bit about how you can find a well-fitting corset and which corsets fit which body type, I recently wrote a tutorial on how to sew your own corset. If you have a good pattern, the options you can make for yourself are nearly endless!

  1. First things first: How to choose your fabric, what kind of materials do you need and how to cut the pattern pieces from your fabric
  2. Coming out (and in again): How to insert a busk and why you should buy one
  3. Sewing the main bodice: Technique 1 where the lining and the outer fabric are sewn in one, which gives a really nice interior!
  4. The last panel: Why it takes a little extra work and how you can keep your corset from wrinkling
  5. Adding the bias tape: How you can make and sew on bias tape
  6. Heavy metal: What boning you need for which occasion and how to cut it if you are not Superman!
  7. Grommets for lacing: Which tools are needed and how to go the easy route
  8. Modesty panel: Not necessary, but very nice to have!

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