Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Review

On a scale of 1 to 10: How was your year?
Like last year, I'd say approximately an 8. Still in love with my boyfriend and happy to live with him once more. Got cute kitties. The job is still great. But I could have achieved more...

Lost or gained weight?
Same as last year: I stayed the same although I intended to lose some

Hair longer or shorter?
Longer, I've not had it cut since ages!

More nearsighted or farsighted?
Again the same as last year: Not more nearsighted (seems like the value usually stayes fixed between 25 and 45) but my corneal irregularities have grown a bit. Also, of note: I tend to buy glasses at the end of the year. 

More money or less?
More money. I love my job!

Spent more or less?
More. I spent a bunch on the kittens of doom but they are worth every cent! Next year I will have to save some moolah for a big vacation!

Most stupid plan?
No stupid plans this year. Maybe heading alone to a concert could count as stupid, but it was not!

Most dangerous deed?
Preparing a presentation in the early morning hours before it was held to an international audience. And my boss...

Most expensive buy?
The kittens. And their belongings...

Most delicious food?
We tried out lot of new things as usual and most of our cooking is the bomb! I'd say that this year, our pulled pork from the slow cooker wins the award.

Most impressive book?
I'm full into the Harry Dresden series which is just great!

Most touching movie?
Thor - Ragnarok! The best comic adadtation ever! Finally a movie where Thor is not stuck up your butt and the whole movie is like a really funny drug trip. Loved it!

Best series?
Last year it was Jessica Jones, this year the spin off "Luke Cage". Watching this series which mainly has black characters opened my eyes again how white washed main stream media are. Plus, the story line is cool!

Best CD?
Do they still sell these? Korn - The Serenity of Suffering. Came out in 2016, but this year I got hooked!

Best concert?
Aurelio Voltaire in Frankfurt. Went there on a whim alone and had so much fun!

Most time spend with...?
More thinking and watching than active stuff. I want to change that next year though!

Best time spend with...?
My boyfriend. As last year. And the year before. And the year before that...

Predominant feeling in 2017?
Happiness. I have amazing friends and family!

Done for the first time in 2017?
Went to a concert completely alone. Twice!
Adopted kitties
Bought a table
Visited Belgrade

Done again in 2017 after a long time?
Killed all the plans of my flat. Boooyah!
Had a cat on my lap
Was on a conference in another country

Three things I could have missed?
Being down with the flu. Cat hair everywhere. My boyfriend not keeping his stuff at one place and blaming me for losing everyting he can't find.

Most important thing I wanted to convince somebody off?
Keep me in this job, I'm good at it!

Best present I gave away tis year?
Sewing for my friends and family.

Best present someone gave to me?
The catscoming closer and loving us so dearly

Best sentence someone said to me?
I love you

Best sentence I said to someone?
I love you.

Better job or worse?
Still the same as last year. Still love it!

Did you win something this year? If yes, what did you win?
Nope nothing. I don't play

More fitness or less?
Less. But I went to the gym again and my sour muscles tell me it will be better again!

How often were you sick?
I think it was only twice thei year. Need to better keep track of it!

Which was the worst sickness?
One in March were I stayed home for one week due to the flu.

Word of the year?
Nothing comes to my mind.

Non-word of the year?
I bims 1 gin (not a word but new German slang and horribly annoying)

Blog of the year?
Not mine, The loss of all my linked pictures really killed the mood for blogging. I'll try to get back on the bandwaggon again and restart the blog in 2018!

Biggest wish for next year?
Being a better me

2017 in one word...?