Friday, June 16, 2017

Week in Review 26/2017

What did I see?
I can hardly imagine that I never stumbled upon Audrey Benjaminsen before, as I think I have seen her portrait of Edgar Allan Poe already years ago! But her style of drawing is great and I love all the little details and structures she creates on a flat meduim like paper! You can shop her art here, if you want to have some at home (like me, I just need to discuss with my boyfriend whch one).

What did I listen to?
Aurelio Voltaire - Cantina. Hox could you not love dirty songs about StarWars? :)

What did I ask myself?
More sewing, yay! But isn't it too warm for sewing?

What did I read?
More from Gail Carriger, this time Etiquette and Espionage, a new series which is timed before the parasol protectorate. Sophronia is a kind of tomboy and anxious when her mum sends her to a finishing school for upper class girls. She's relieved when she finds not only finds out that the school is teaching the art of spionage and killing your husband, but also finds freinds there. So far, so good!

What did I work on?
A top and a jacket.

I was happy about...
My coworker sewing with me! And my fluffy kittens, which purr and love to be pet even in the heat.

I was annoyed about...
It's warm. So warm. And will get even warmer.

I bought...
Cat food. Sh*t's expensive, yo!


Laura M said...

Fabulous artist

Frau von Nachtschatten said...

Die Bilder sind ja großartig! ♥
Aurelio Voltaire höre ich im Moment auch sehr gern, da ich gerade viel in Richtung Steampunk werkle. Ich brauche unbedingt mehr Musik von ihm!
Über Gail Carriger bin ich auch vor Kurzem gestoßen. Gibt es ihre Bücher eigentlich auch auf deutsch? Ich lese immer so ungern auf englisch...