Friday, January 20, 2017

Week in Review - 3/2017

What did I see?
You might know that I can sew -yay!- but I am fiber-challenged. Can't knit, hardly crotchet, never even tried to felt. But after seeing the amazing creations of Lana Crooks, I really want to try needle felting. Anyone has a good tutorial? You will also want to try it yourself!

What did I listen to?
Missfits - Oberhausen

What did I ask myself?
How can I squeeze in finishing this skirt before the deadline is over?

What did I read?
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. A great classic science fiction novel set in a distant future where buggers (aliens) have invaded earth twice. Now children are taken from their families to be educated for war. Ender is one of them and might be earth's only hope!

What did I work on?
The d*mn skirt.

I was happy about...
Finishing a paper draft

I was annoyed about...
Having to work this weekend. But it's teaching, so not too bad!

I bought...
Some skirt decoration and more make up. Illamasqua sale might be my ruin ^^


Anonymous said...

Wow, diese Filz-Sachen sehen extrem echt aus - ich musste mehrfach hinschauen, um das gefilzte zu sehen XD Die Schlangen sind so super. Selber versuchen würde ich es glaube ich nicht aber ich bin gespannt welche Projekte Du damit verwirklichst.
Viele Grüße Tea

MindLess said...

@ coffeexandxtea: Das ist krass, oder? Diese Fikztechnik ist unglaublich! Ich muss mal sehen ob ich da überhaupt ran finde...