Thursday, March 31, 2016

Victorian mourning day outfit - Jacket

And the next piece: The jacket! Again made from Burda 7880.

 photo IMG_0056_zpspgrs0uiw.jpg

 photo IMG_0057_zpsbkt1oqb6.jpg

 photo IMG_0058_zpse8d5t87f.jpg

I made some modifications:
  1. I rounded the front to get rid of the fake vest effect a bit.
  2. I largened the sleeves to make them more puffy. I also added some tulle into the sleeve heads to make the puffyness stay!
  3. I also lengthened the sleeves to wrist length.
And I made some fancy trim by this tutorial. They are called praery points and look rather fancy. But it has to sewn by hand and ironed a lot. By hand. I hated every second of it! ^^

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Victorian mourning day outfit - Over skirt and apron

The outfit needed some more decrative elements, so I added an apron and an overskirt in the back:

 photo IMG_0053_zpsm5i17o1e.jpg

 photo IMG_0054_zpsh9xejbfo.jpg

I used the Burda Pattern 7880 for the apron. The closure is hook and eye.

 photo IMG_0055_zpsykluuda4.jpg

I have no better pictures. The pattern is improvised. Sorry I can't help you with that! ^^

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Victorian mourning day outfit - Blouse

I needed something to wear above the skirt and decided to use a Edwardian pattern also from Truly Victorian: 1903 Plain Blousewaist. Although neither the product pictures nor my photos show it, the blouse has a nice peplum, which keeps it nicely tucked in the skirt.

 photo IMG_0052_zpsxrw9vpzr.jpg

 photo IMG_0055_zpsykluuda4.jpg

 photo IMG_0051_zpsymqsttsu.jpg

The fabric for this blouse was a silk skirt before. I used mother of pearl buttons for the closure, although I might need to replace them with dark grey ones. If I find some in a matching size.

Sewing pattern review:
I used french seams for the innards which made it much more complicated. But this was of my own choosing and no fault of the pattern! It went together smoothly, all peices matched well together. As per usual, I merely glimpsed inte to sewing instruction. But they seemed usable to me. I recommend this pattern!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Victorian mourning day outfit - Skirt

When I showed you the cape, I didn't tell you about the rest of the outfit I was planning for it. When I visited Vienna in 2013, I fell in love with the city. And I insisted that one day I would return with approriate historical clothes. Fast forward two and a half years and I made this true! And even infected wome fellow friends with the flouncing through Vienna virus! Without them, it would not have been possible - thank you girls!

So, today I will start with the basics of the outfit:

 photo IMG_0046_zpsuf3fsbj3.jpg

 photo IMG_0048_zps7dcvfqdv.jpg

I used the pattern 1870s Underskirt from Truly Victorian as a base. Initially, I wanted to do pleats around the hem, but my pleating foot was not cooperative and after starting to pleat 12m of fabric for the first layer, I was annoyed enough to give up. Bummer!

I have since found a tutorial for a selfmade pleating board, which I will make in future. But this skirt will have to live with ruffles. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Comfy wine-red pullover

I made another thing:

I did not make gall stones (which are not funny and should not be joked about - but the awkward yeti is amazing, isn't it?!) but a pullover. Which is huge and warm and amazing and so not work adequate. But here you go:

 photo IMG_0044_zpsoxr9envr.jpg

 photo IMG_0045_zpskousckch.jpg

So much for exciting news! I'm still recovering from an awesome trip to Vienna with friends... See you soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Party outfit

I wore this some time ago for a party at the Matrix in Bochum. The party where I finally met Kakuidori! I really liked how my hair looks so much longer than it is:

 photo IMG_0007_zpslvpqxm08.jpg

 photo IMG_0003_zpsihimcjod.jpg

My boyfriend tried to capture the makeup, but actually, that seems really hard. Maybe I should ask a professional like Vulcan Butterfly for a tutorial?!

 photo IMG_0004_zpsu0klufd9.jpg

Feather collar: Made by me
Corset and Shirt: Bought 2nd hand
Skirt and underskirt: Made by me
Hair flowers: Grevina Patrizia

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cape, Cape, Severus Cape

I made a cape. Which is designed to keep me toasty warm and thus has a lot of layers and is pretty thick! But first things first:

 photo IMG_0024_zpsce7wbgnq.jpg

I bought the quilted lining for another project (a coat which might or might not be finished next winter) but the leftovers are now in good use. I literally had only little scraps which I threw away. So, stash reduction!

 photo IMG_0038_zpsz7u0e9sc.jpg

The cape is lined in bright red and the outer fabric is boucle (80% wool, 20% polyester). I love the pattern which is Anoush by ParaNoire. She now only sells underwear, so I don't feel bad using her pattern. And the cape looks great!

 photo IMG_0033_zpsl1ntxyeh.jpg

 photo IMG_0034_zpsmfhwxea1.jpg

 photo IMG_0026_zpsd5s32cjh.jpg

I'm now working on a hood but I still need a closure? Silver clasps? Buttons? Or a bow? Do you have any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A shirt for the trash

I think everyone and their mom already heard about the Great British Sewing Bee? I started to watch it lastweek. And learning a lot about fabrics, clean insides for your garment and pattern matching. Really, if you have not seen it yet, go ahead and search it on Yout*be!

It is really captivating, actually it captured my attention so well, I failed at one of the lessons I learned:

 photo IMG_0043_zpsod1eekj9.jpg

See how wonky the pattern is in the front? How the stripes end up nowhere and the whole shirt looks very unbalanced? Which is a pity because the back matches up really good:

 photo IMG_0041_zpsa5bmeiqk.jpg

Well, I'm gonna throw it away and keep the lesson I learned: Only watch boring stuff while sewing. And measure (or in this case "match") twice and cut once... *sigh*