Friday, November 27, 2015

Week in Review 48/2015

What did I see?
This week I stumbled upon very cool pictures of trees and forrests. I love nature, but it seldom looks as serene as in Ellie Davies series of photographies In Between the Trees:

What did I listen to?
Many many congratulations!

What did I ask myself?
Where can I find a pot of gold?

What did I read?
Nothing, but I have a neuroscientific book about zombies on my nightstand!

What did I work on?
Again nothing. No time with visitors and work. What a bummer... But my birthday gift to myself arrived: A ruffler! I am eager to try it...

I was happy about...
My boyfriend visiting me for my birthday!

I was annoyed about...
Other boyfriend related stuff. But I think we're fine again...

I bought...
Nothing but christmas presents. But I might cave in on black friday sales.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Waterfall shirt - no really, simple shirt.

When I talked about the pretty fabric and the waterfall shirt I originally planned, I didn't tell you I made a major mistake. I cut the front piece not on the fold but in two pieces. I know, that is way stupid. The middle seam would look stupid and also keep the fabric from forming a pretty waterfall. For a minute or two I was furious with myself. But since the fabric was cut already, There was no chance to stick with my original plan. Instead, I improvised... (maybe I should rename this blog into "... and then I improvised"?)

 photo IMG_7182_zpswgcuqunu.jpg

 photo IMG_7183_zpsrnivhiht.jpg

As you can see, I was not able to cut everything from the tie dye fabric, but I think the black jersey doesn't look half bad. What do you say?

I added a black neckband (again fake bias) and finished the sleeves with tie dye fabrics, to repeat the fabrics on different positions in the garment:

 photo IMG_7185_zpsqnmvbjyx.jpg

 photo IMG_7184_zpszica3mil.jpg

Although I didn't make my original waterfall shirt, I still ended up with a wearable pretty shirt. And I will make the waterfall shirt from another fabric, probably black. Nothing like readjusting the crown and walking on after a little slip and fall!

Week in Review 47/2015

What did I see?
I don't know about you, but the concept of infinity has always been very interesting to me. Can we humans imagine what infinity really means? We always measure things, but the concept of something beyond measure is really creepy but fascinating at the same time! Yayoi Kusama made a installation called "Infinity Mirrored Room - Filled with the Brilliance of Life" (2011) which for me comes pretty close to infinity:

What did I listen to?
Hoaxilla which is a podcast of scientific skeptics who discern myths from the internet and beyond. A lot of fun and the 30-45 min episodes last me through a morning routine! There are even some english episodes which might be worth a try for my international readers.

What did I ask myself?
Why are the few hateful individuals so powerful to our minds and peace?

What did I read?
Papers and my Swedish learning books.

What did I work on?
Shirts and shrugs and cardigans

I was happy about...
My friends coming to visit me tomorrow!

I was annoyed about...
Being rather anfocused.

I bought...
A trip to London with my boyfriend! And two pants and shoes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Burda Easy Fall 2014 Shrug

I recently visited fabric markets again and have not yet shown you my findings. Bad me, I suppose. Anyway, one of the fabrics I bought was a tie dye black on grey jersey. I fell in love the second I saw it! I only found one coupon (which is 1.5 x 1.5m) but I took it home anyway. I planned to make an obnoxious waterfall shirt - you know like the 5 million ones I already own?! I carefully laid out the pattern and found that there was enough fabric for something else. I skimmed through my pattern collection and found the shrug 2 A in Burda Easy Fall Edition 2014:

The pattern called for elastic fabric which jersey obviously is. Score! I cut the pattern pieces and they fit on the remaining fabric. Double score!

This is what I made:

 photo IMG_7178_zpsdot0vg6i.jpg

 photo IMG_7179_zpsn9hm9vwg.jpg

I used fake bias tapes from self-fabric for the neck and (unlike the instructions) around the lower hem.

 photo IMG_7180_zps9zrrgwbg.jpg

The hems of the sleeves are sewn with a twin needle with two different matching threads:

 photo IMG_7181_zpsewgkz39c.jpg

So, all in all a nice garment made rather simply from a low amount of fabric. There were just ome minor issues...

Sewing pattern review
For one, the pattern is sized for low stretch fabrics.My farbic was way too stretchy which resulted in me having to take out fabric at every seam. Like, 5 cm in the sleeves and 6 cm each in the side seams. Which resulted in a major loss of fabric which was not necessary. On the other hand this meant that I could skip the zipper on the neck.
The neckline was really tight, I cut about 3 more cm from the neck and it still fits tight to my neck. I can hardly imagine how strangling it must feel made from unstretchy fabric?!
The sleeves are pretty long, no added cm were needed to cover my long arms.
I didn't bother with making the shrug the way the instructions said. Much too complicated in my eyes! I follow the construction method of this tutorial and it is faster and cleaner in my eyes!

Monday, November 16, 2015

New flowery jewelry

Some while ago (I'm really not sure how long, but less than a year, I guess) I ordered jewelry supplies from etsy. I was in the mood for something flowery, feminine and elfish, hence most of the items have plant or flower motifs. And finally last month inspiration struck and I turned at least some of the pieces into something wearable!

I started with a necklace. I used clear glass pearls but I might make another one with green or red toned pearls. For autumn and spring!

 photo IMG_7151_zpsnsgoi8s4.jpg

I also added some flower earrings. They were very easy, I just made two little twists into wire and was done:

 photo IMG_7152_zps4x6eg6hx.jpg

This is how they look when worn:

 photo IMG_7175_zps2s9ydjpz.jpg
Never mind the hair. And the no Make up on the weekend face. And the bra straps. I should really redo the pictures, right?!

 photo IMG_7177_zpsjlg38fax.jpg

A rather simple look and not much work, but I like them nevertheless!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Curious Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment - Being grateful


This month's Homework Assignment is to show us or tell us about those things, people, etc. for which you are most grateful. Join me in giving thanks to those people who make your life special. I know that my Canadian friends have already done this, so perhaps you can share your photos and Thanksgiving stories from this year?

 I have plenty of things to be grateful for and the people who accompany my life are a major part of that. I moved a lot during my youth and know how some relationships break because of distance. So I am very glad that I have some friends for years even though we don't see us that often. My friend Ey (here in a pink wig) for example is someone I know for about 10 years and the friendship survived her moving away...

 photo IMG-20150516-WA0008_zpsz0rpfhlr.jpg

My friends from the Ruhr area are also very dear to my heart. We met through parties and common friends, but these are the ones I turn for when I need someone to talk to or just hang out! Like SIntra above or the ones here:

 photo IMG-20150927-WA0006_zpsuffwj5vt.jpg

 photo IMG-20150301-WA00071_zpswuoew0lc.jpg

My friends from the internet are also very special. Although my favourite forum has been shut down earlier this year, the follow up project is still going strong! I know many of the people also from real life and met them a community meetings or just festivals. But even the ones I never met in person gave good advice and had an open ear for me when I needed it!

 photo sofu2_zpsjc3uulae.jpg

 photo 20150613_202630_zpscvm1zpun.jpg

I can even add all the people I met over my blog to that list! Seeing the comments chears me up all the time and some posts on their blogs really got me thinking. The blogger community - at least the ones that I met- are a very supportive and lovely bunch! I never so much as recieved an evil comment!

Some more real life persons are also very important to me. My family who is an awesome bunch! My mum who visited me last week, my aunts and uncles who might be a tad strenous, but help in every way they can. My dad and his girlfriend who helped me finding a flat here in Heidelberg. All of them - even my boyfriend's family- make me feel happy and loved in every way!

BTW, not my family. They are picture shy
And speaking of love - I thank all the gods I don't believe in for meeting my amazing boyfriend! He is just the best! Taking care of me when I'm sick, supoorting me when I have a hard time in my job, even wants to move with me to a part of the country he hardly ever visited. Sorry, girls, this guy is mine and it will stay that way! ^^

 photo 20121031_200226_zpssqrxo4is.jpg

Friday, November 13, 2015

Star Trek uniform for my boyfriend

As promised in the last post, I will now loose some words on my boyfriend’s formal uniform. The is an official pattern out which seems rather good (and not that expensive, I’ve seen worse). Unfortunately, we decided to use this pattern when it was already too late to order it from the US and receive it in time. So, I improvised! ;)

 photo 20151107_143720 blog_zpsmmxg70i3.jpg

I found some great pictures with details on the internet, so I tried to copy most of them. For example the ribbed chest piece (although I was not able to replicate the shoulder piece as well):

 photo 20151107_143729_zpsfn8knnqv.jpg

You might have noticed already that my boyfriend is dressed with silver instead of golden trims. The explaination is easy: We did not find pretty trim in gold. But the silver looks good as well, right?

 photo 20151107_143744_zpsnzulz3hk.jpg

The pants were also made by me and this time fit much better than the last ones. My boyfriend has a small waist but huge muscles everywhere else. Which equals wide legs with a tight waist or adaptations to the pattern I only ever know for women. Well, at least the trims make it look much more male and military:

 photo 20151107_143739_zpsdfbbgvep.jpg

Another detail of the trims and his communicator badge. His first try with fimo (mine looked much worse)!

 photo 20151107_143752_zpseckzcqdh.jpg

But the best part of the uniform is the lining. He chose it himself and I bought enough for a dress for me. It is teal with ombré effect and lace print! Almost too pretty to hide:

 photo 20151107_143801_zps7zbbhuru.jpg

Week in Review 46/2015

What did I see?
Do you know Nemi? The cool goth girl from Norway who has many metal friends? If not, you should definitively visit the website of Lise Myhre and and read the comics! Here is a teaser:

What did I listen to?
More Type O Negative - I Don't Wanna Be Me

What did I ask myself?
How long do I have to do this?

What did I read?
Some articles about Open Access publications

What did I work on?
I cut some stuff, but this week was filled with lots of love - from the boyfriend and others (*hugs* to Paisleystern and FrauArgh!)

I was happy about...
Having a blast at the wedding! My friends are so cool, hard to believe they like me at all!

I was annoyed about...
Being sick. Always sucks, but I feel so much better now...

I bought...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Star Trek uniform

I already wrote a little about the secret project I worked on during the last weeks. It was secret because the items I made were for a very special occasion: Trisha was getting married! And she wrote in the invitation that we should just come as we are even if that means in Star Trek formal robes. 3 minutes of serious puppy eyes by my boyfriend and I just did it!
Today I will show my outfit which was not exactly the formal robe, but still a Star Trek uniform. I was seriously inspired by Lt. Uhura’s outfit. But it needed to be blue since I’m a scientist and red is for tactical staff.

I bought blue and black jersey on one of the Fabric Markets I attended. We also got the fabrics for my boyfriend’s formal uniform there! Then I screened the almighty interwebs for tutorials. And I even got some patterns for the original uniforms for female staff! I decided to go the simple way and just improvise with a pattern I already knew:

 photo IMG_20151107_143722_zpsfhli7egj.jpg 

 photo IMG_20151107_143756_zps5omyxhhr.jpg

I cut the front two times from the fabric. Then I cut away about 1/3 and rounded the skirt part out. This way, the dress looks a bit like a wrap dress although it isn’t. I hemmed the overlap with twin needles and sewed it to the other front part from the neck down about 40cm.

 photo IMG_20151107_143727_zpsqwntrivs.jpg

The sleeves were hemmed (again by twin needle) and decorated before closing them. The two decorative trims are the same we used for my boyfriend’s outfit, so we kind of match. Goth, I hate partner look! ^^

 photo IMG_20151107_143737_zps5dze0vgi.jpg

The neckline was also improvised. I just cut away fabric until it looked like the uniforms in the pictures. Then I serged a strip of black fabric around the opening. Easy as pie!
The communicator badges were made by my boyfriend.

  photo IMG_20151107_143745_zpsgicfythu.jpg

The last step was to sew the sleeves in and close the sides, then hem the dress (with a twin needle, you guessed right) and I was ready to party! For the event I added black tights and boots. We had a blast!