Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dark Hippy - Being the oil ape

To explain the title, please read:

Akin to grease monkey, it is used to primarily describe auto mechanics that specialize in routine maintenance, especially oil changes. Like grease monkey is can be used as both a derisive comment or to show camaraderie. 
That damn oil ape doesn't know what kind of oil filter fits a 2007 Nissan Altima.

THAT was the worst customer my fellow oils apes and I have EVER had to endure. I'm glad I pissed in her oil filter... - urban dictionary
Now, I didn't switch jobs for being a car mechanic as I still prefer fiddling with genes instead of car parts! But I am an ape (Homo sapiens and if you are a creationists this is probably the moment you will unfollow me - good for you! ^^) and I use oil to keep my skin soft and lovely!

 photo IMG_7098_zpslg8j6oxq.jpg

This is only representative, you can use any oil or fat to make your skin happy. The secret is to use it directly after taking a shower without drying off. This way, the oil forms a layer on the skin which keeps the water from evaporating!

In the past I have used other fats, like canola oil from the kitchen, Lush massage bars or even pure cocoa butter. All of them worked when used after showering, but the oil I use is scented and just smells so nice!

What do you use for softer skin? Have you tried oils?


Ramona said...

cocosöl wird ja immer empfohlen aber ich bleib einfach bei meinem simplen arganöl wobei das von alverde hier auch rumsteht :-P zur hautpflege und zum abschminken. auch wenn ich ne sehr fettige haut habe (die sich langsam aber eher in ne mischhaut zu wandeln scheint) ist öl scheinbar besser als die meisten anti-fett pflegelotionen und cremes...

MindLess said...

@ Ramona: Ich denke dass Kokosöl nur günstig und deswegen beliebt ist... ^^ Ich habe von Öl zum Abschminken Pickel bekommen, deswegen bleibe ich lieber bei der Seife!