Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oki Style Trackpants

The story of these track pants starts with the fabric. My friend Grevina Patrizia announced on facebook that one of her favourite fabric shops was moving and selling leftover fabrics dirt cheap. Which is exactly what I needed to cheer me up! We met there together with more friends and spent money like no tomorrow - I payed about 1 Euro per meter! The fabric for the ugliest leggings in the world was also from that very shop...

So, this wonderful fluffy and soft sweat fabric went home with me. The only thing that was not to like about it was the colour. Wool white? Not exactly flattering on me.

 photo IMG_6942_zpsi9vklfss.jpg

So I bought black fabric dye and put it in the washing machine with the intention of making it dark grey - black almost never works out, so I did not set my hope too high:

 photo IMG_6943_zpsylylxoya.jpg

The fabric came out more or less steel grey which was not dark grey, but better than the initial wool white:

 photo IMG_6945_zpss2gfamef.jpg

Recently, Nahtzugabe mentioned on her blog that Oki-Style is a pattern designer from Germany which does non mainstream wear. I love many of her patterns, but am not sure if I would wear them a lot. After the experience with the pattern "Trackpant" I might get some more... 

 photo IMG_6956_zpshv0loe9h.jpg

In the front I did a minor change: I sewed the inner part of the pocket directly on the leg part of the parts to reduce bulk on my hips.

 photo IMG_6958_zpspmvbyl2d.jpg

The back features this fancy inlay for the butt which gives extra room for movement (or strange positions on the couch while watching way too much Netflix - How comes all series I watch get new seasons at the same time? *looks at Penny Dreadful, Orange is the new Black*). It certainly does not look like your average track pant from a store... I love it!

 photo IMG_6960_zpsejm4gxsd.jpg

The legs have a curve and an insert that finishes the hem without a real cuff. The pants do fit a little tighter around the leg but not restrictive at all!

Sewing Pattern review
As per usual, I did not even bother to search for the sewing instructions but desided to wing it. Which led to me with a seconf butt insert which I cut because I did not know I only had to cut once. Absolutely my fault! I would have prefered to find the number of pieces to be cut one each piece, but otherwise I have zero complains. The seam allowance was not included, so I added my own. The pieces fit together very well and the sizes were spot on. A little harder to sew than legging, but still no need for advanced skills!


Lorkyn said...

Deine Trackpants sehen echt gut aus, für mich "Antisportler" könnte ich mir die auch sehr gut zum Rumgammeln vorstellen :D
Aber die angeblich hässliche Leggings ist ja mal genial. So unangezogen sieht sie echt ein bisschen seltsam aus, aber angezogen finde ich die richtig toll <3
Liebe Grüße!

MindLess said...

@ Lorkyn: Danke, dafür sind sie eigentlich auch gedacht! Bei über 10 °C würde ich mich totschwitzen, ich hasse warme Kleidung beim Sport... Und danke für die Leggings-Komplimente, ich freue mich dass noch mehr Leute sie mögen!

Avadawhra said...

wow die Hose ist sicher megabequem und schaut noch sehr hübsch aus ;))

MindLess said...

@ Avadawhra: Danke! Ich finde sie super obwohl sie natürlich pünktlich zur Hitzewelle fertig wurde und jetzt im Moment nicht anziehbar ist - zu warm... ;)