Friday, July 3, 2015

Grey Beanie for the boyfriend

Selfless sewing is not something that happens a lot in my home. I like to sew what I like, when I like and my boyfriend can testify that even smaller repairs of his stuff cost him massive (chocolate or back rub) bribes and may take a long time still.

But when I tried to kill off my jersey leftover stash, there was a piece of jersey just the right size for a beanie. And he is recently on a beanie kick. And he made this cute puppy eyes

And I did it! It was made from the same jersey I used for my mum's shirt and my panties, but turned it inside out - somehow the boyfriend was not keen on wearing flowers on his head:

 photo IMG_6952_zps74g8vof2.jpg

 photo IMG_6953_zpshycrpdhv.jpg

 photo IMG_6954_zpspiyblpcf.jpg

The beanie has no hem in front as it is essentially one long tube which is doubled. The back has two seams that form it to a square. Sewing the usual petal forms is fiddly and annoying - although my boyfriend already asked me to make the next one "more like the store bought one". If there is a next one. If...


Sylvie D said...

That is very cute!

Laura Morrigan said...

Maybe he will bribe you with something nice!

MindLess said...

@ Sylvie D: Thank you! ^^

@ Laura Morrigan: Oh, he generally is vey nice to me, he deserves anything I do for him!

Ramona said...

gnihihi wer könnt bei so nem blick nein sagen (auch wenn ich bezweifel, dass ein mann den genau so perfekt bringen kann...) und tolles resultat!