Friday, June 19, 2015

Week in Review 25/2015

What did I see?
This week I saw photography by Alexia Sinclair who took these pictures in a real Swedish castle instead of photoshopping like so many others do. The series is called "A Frozen Tale" and looks out of this world:

What did I listen to?
Audiobooks of Percy Jackson and now the second cycle with Jason! My boyfriend and I spent hours listening through them!

What did I ask myself?
Am I really willing to go through this?

What did I read?
Job descriptions

What did I work on?
Panties and repairs. Oh and trackpants!

I was happy about...
Spending time with my lovely flatmate/lover

I was annoyed about...
Calling unknown people. Grr.

I bought...
Ahem... Some stuff. Clothes. Way to many clothes... *blush*


Laura Morrigan said...

Amazing images!

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: Thanks!

Antje said...

Die Fotos und vorallem die Kleider darauf sind ja traumhaft <3

MindLess said...

@ Fräulein Nachtschatten: Ja, zauberschön!