Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rock im Revier 2015 - Part 1

May 2015 was a really festival intensive month for me, there was no weekend were I did not attend anything fun! It all ended with my most expensive festival thus far (even Wacken was cheaper back then when I visited, but only counting the tickets. Otherwise I spent more on WGT hotel than on the ticket for Rock im Revier). This festaival was actually planned out to be the next Rock am Ring - which might be a name that you are more familiar with- but moved from Nürburgring to Gelsenkirchen two months before it happened. Which was pretty nice actually, as this means that we could sleep and shower at home!

We arrived while Within Temptation were still playing after skipping some bands before. I dont like them that much. My only favourable memory of them is that they usually draw the crowds so taking a shower on festivals is much easier while they are playing!

 photo 20150529_175708_zpsqgumwdo2.jpg

I was really loooking forward to Faith No More as they accompanied me during my teenager years. Their stage decoration was quite strange; everything in white with lots and lots of flowers. I was even more surprised when they entered the stage dressed in white as well!

 photo 20150529_191800_zpsuauqt6nl.jpg

The concert was okay, but didn't wow me. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't horrible, but I've seen better. Although I felt my heart sing when they played the classics...

And now to the final band of the day: Metallica! Although I've been a fan for I don't know how long, I never saw them live - they are rather expensive on their solo tours. I've seen many lovely concert reviews (for example by Natron & Soda themselves), so I guessed I was in for something good!

 photo IMG_20150529_212007_zpswg54v4vd.jpg

 photo 20150529_225350_zpslrvntp52.jpg

But I was seriously surprised how good! I was a bit afraid that the show would feel "sterile", not interacting with the fans, but I was so wrong! I loved it! They played a lot of classics, some new stuff... They simply oozed loving to play, like every song was new to them and not played a million times before! I'd love to see them again and even pay full price for longer concerts!

The next day we also got to the Veltins Arena in the afternoon. It is just so good to sleep at home and eat some good, selfmade food before heading to the venue and drinking beer and eating junk food for the rest of the day! Although my mood severly improved after finding the cocktail bar and switching from beer to Mochito...

The first band we saw was Baby Metal. If you never heard of them, rest assured: Me neither! They combine lolita esthetics and heavy metal, with cute little japanese pop singing. And before you ask: I HAD to force my boyfriend to watch this band with me AND I had a lot more fun at the concert than him! ;)

 photo 20150530_164749_zpshfbpde98.jpg

 photo 20150530_164743_zpsxrbvp5uk.jpg

I loved it! Really cute and funny, something that I would (and did) party to! My boyfriend on the other hand was just standing there with a frown. Sometimes his tase is really odd!

We stayed on for Eisbrecher which I've already seen more times than I can count. They always have a great show, Der Checker (Singer) is great at interacting with the audience and a marvelous performer - you can just feel how much he loves his job!

 photo 20150530_183354_zpsbqwp0xev.jpg

They were good as ever, no complains here!

Next was Limp Bizkit, another of my teenage heroes! I didn't know what to expect here as I never heard how they would play shows... It was kind of the Fred Durst show, with some in between songs, I was not that happy. I mean, again they were not too bad, but I've seen better.

 photo 20150530_194531_zpsrg6kvebd.jpg

Although I'm glad I saw Wes Borland live because I admire him more than Fred Durst! I love his crazy costume ideas, although what the h*ll was going on with the latex mask and sock holders in cowboy boots this time?!

 photo 20150530_201719_zpsu04afpux.jpg

Last band of the day was Muse to which I was looking forward seeing a lot. They seriously went all in - clear instruments with lights inside, a great background show of videos played on large screens... But they somehow ended up where I feared Metallica would be - somehow detached from the audience.

 photo IMG_20150530_213954_zps2qfwywak.jpg

 photo IMG_20150530_214001_zpsjhzw01kx.jpg

This was kind of sad, as the concert was technically great but felt like I could have watched it as a video at home as well. We left before they finished...


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Looks like a fun festival! I, too, was a HUGE Limp Bizkit fan when I was a young teenager!! I have never seen them live, though.

Sylvie D said...

I heard of baby metal, very cute. It must have been fun to see them live!

MindLess said...

@ Vulcan Butterfly: It was, indeed! The songs are the same as then and I think that technically, they are great. I was just annoyed a bit by Fred Durst talking instead of singing all the time!

@ Sylvie D: They were great, dancing and jumping all the time while singing!

Laura Morrigan said...

Yay for popular bands so you can use the showers!

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: You gotta do what you got to do!

Frau Shmooples said...

Hätte ich Zeit gehabt, wäre ich hingefahren, allein wegen Babymetal ;) (und anderer Bands natürlich auch)
Ich hab mir grad zum Jahreswechsel das Debütalbum importiert und find die richtig gut, auch wenn die Texte manchmal echt merkwürdig sind. Würd ich gern mal live sehen :)

MindLess said...

@ Frau Shmooples: Wie cool, noch ein Babymetal Fan! Ich fand die Show super, so richtig kitschig süß! Und es muss super anstregend sein, so viel zu hüpfen und tanzen und dann noch zu singen...

Fräulein Nachtschatten said...

Wow! Bei den Bands hat sich das ja echt gelohnt.