Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mina Harker dress - (Choo choo) Train

Sorry for the stupid pun, but I had to! ^^ To finish off the dress, I wanted to add the 1880's Butterfly Detachable Train TV 361 by Truely Victorian. I had the pattern not that long and had no time for a trial run, so if it would not have worked on the first trial, I would not have a dress to wear! Anyway, the train:

 photo IMG_6922_zpskeklzuka.jpg
A bit ruffled, but not too bad for a day of wear and being transported in a suitcase afterwards!

The pattern is actually pretty easy, three parts for the train sewn together, as well as the lining. I underlined with tulle, to make the train spread nicely and give it a bit of body! The sides are sewn into folds like this:

 photo IMG_6925_zpsdxbycypq.jpg

The upper middle of the train is also sewn into folds:

 photo IMG_6923_zpsultnspqp.jpg
It looks a bit lopsided here, but that was just because of the lack of space!
Instead of the recommended small hooks and eyes I added a D-ring and a carabiner. It felt much more secure as the long train is rather heavy!

 photo IMG_6927_zpstutsorph.jpg

Then everything is sewn to a waistband and closed with buttonholes and buttons. I felt that the lower part of the train is too plain, so I got some rose applications andhand sewed them on. Not my greatest pleasure, but it looked great!

 photo IMG_6928_zpssjvjuxkr.jpg

Sewing pattern review
Once you get the hang of the pattern description, it is really easy! I needed a bit of time to understand how to put the pieces together but after that it was easy as pie. I seriously recommend this pattern as it is easy to make and adds a lot of fancyness to your outfit! Just be aware that you need 5 m of decoartive fabric, 5 m of lining and another 5 m of tulle, if you want a nicely spreading train! This thing eats fabric!


Ms Misantropia said...

Such a beautiful train, I love the black roses.

MindLess said...

@ Ms Misantropia: Thank you!

Ramona said...

hihi ich denk d-ring und karabiner sind bei der menge an stoff wohl wirklich sicherer! schaut soooo toll aus

MindLess said...

@ Ramona: Danke! Und ich frage mich, wie sie es früher gemacht haben? Vielleicht gab es für diesen Einsatz mal Spezialhaken?

Fräulein Nachtschatten said...

Wie wunderschön! ♥

MindLess said...

@ Fräulein Nachtschatten: Danke sehr!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I love the rose appliques!!