Monday, April 20, 2015

Little helpers - Eyelet inserter

Today's tool is not for everyone, but if you sew corsets you will be happy to own it: Pliers to insert eyelets!

What is it good for?
It punches little holes into the fabric and helps to insert eyelets without hammering them in. Which is both good in case you like to keep a calm neighborhood and to make the eyelets prettier. I know what I'm talking about, because I cheaped out for the first 5 years (or so) of corset production and boy, is this thing helpful! No more damaged wood from hammering, inserting eyelets during the night (no judging, late night sewing right before an event is totally a thing!) and my hands hurt less - win-win-win situation!

 photo IMG_6877_zps3os77ipf.jpg

How much does it cost?
It is not that cheap - at least when you get the expensive one from Prym for 15 Euro. But hear me out - the cheap ones really don't work so well! I tried and spent 5 Euros for the cheap one and then bought the expensive model, so safe yourself my mistake and some money! I also buy the expensive eyelets because they just work so much better, but I buy 500 of them (for 40 Euros) instead of the small packages (10 eyelets for 3 Euros). If you know a better deal - or cheap eyelets that work well - go ahead and write a comment!

Who needs it?
People who use eyelets or no-sew snap buttons or generally like to punch little holes into fabric. As I said, you absolutely NEED this for corsets, otherwise it is just nice to have. I consider buying a second because changing the fiddly bits for punching holes and inserting eyelets annoy me. You probably don't need two, though! ;)


Janina said...

Well, I do have two of these :) but that's because one came "for free" with a 100 pack of snap buttons. I use them a lot for Prym and YKK buttons and eyelets. The ones from YKK are a bit "cheaper" and the adaptors also fit.

AvA said...

Ohne dieses Teil könnte ich auch nicht Leben ^^

Gartenteichploerre said...

Ich glaube, das war mit der erste Nähhelfer, den ich meiner Mutter (die näht ja eh kaum noch) entwendet habe, und ich würde ihn nicht mehr hergeben wollen! Super Teil!

Ramona said...

ich schaffs immer ratzfatz eben diese zangen kaputt zu bekommen, hab aktuell aufgegeben XD

MindLess said...

@ Janina: Oh, danach sollte ich auch suchen! Wo hattest du denn den 100er Pack mit Gratiszange her?

@ AvA: Jeder gute Grufti sollte eine haben!

@ Gartenteichplörre: Ja, nicht wahr?! Ich bin so froh das ich meine habe!

@ Ramona: Wie schaffst du das nur? Meine hält mich schon seit Jahren aus!

Janina said...

Das war vor einiger Zeit auf Ebay, so super Angebote gibt's da glaub ich jetzt nicht mehr.

MindLess said...

@ Janina: Ich habe heute keins gefunden... Doof!