Friday, March 27, 2015

Short hoodie by Your Style Rocks

I've seen versions of this little hoodie jacket all over the internet - probably not only because it is free (download it at Your Style Rocks after registration), but cute to boot! I hesitated for more than a year to sew one because I hate everythign to do with sewing which comes before the actual sewing. And this hoodie pattern needed
  1. downloading and printing the pattern
  2. glueing the pattern together
  3. cutting the pattern pieces
  4. cutting it from the fabric which I already had
Which makes one two more steps than my usual approach with commercial patterns (but still one less than Burda or other magazines. I wonder why I never use those?! *head->desk*). But I made it and actually it was a short task as the pattern is only 19 or so pages. And now I have it on hands in case I want to make more...

Anyway, admire the hoodie in all it's glory:

 photo IMG_6836_zpswqzthsah.jpg

 photo IMG_6837_zpslluinoso.jpg

I lined the hood with lea print jersey which was leftover from another project. This also reduced bulk as the main fabric is a chunky sweat jersey!

I used KAM snaps for the closure again, so I got some more miles out of the tongs I bought although I didn't really need them. Black this time because cool as glow in the dark may be it does not match much in my wardrobe:

 photo IMG_6834_zpsb06gbyil.jpg

 photo IMG_6839_zpsnmrkgcfv.jpg

 photo IMG_6838_zpskvucjqnt.jpg

Pattern review
The pattern went together easily and it was true to size. I never looked at the instructions so I have no idea if they are good or not. After years of sewing a hoodie with only 6 pattern pieces is not really a challenge... I can recommend the pattern, but can't really say if the instructions are sufficient for beginners!


Janina said...

Dieses Schnittmuster hab ich mir auch schon runtergeladen, weil mein eigenes "verschollen" ist (*grmpf*). Ich hatte die Gelegenheit es auf einem großen Drucker drucken zu lassen - somit fällt der nervigste Schritt weg, aber genäht hab ich es noch nicht.
Dein Hoodie ist schön geworden!

Claire said...

That's so lovely!

Laura Morrigan said...

Was the pattern easy to put together after printing? One of the worst things my friends and I have found with printable patterns is when they are not marked where to join them and you have paaaages of pieces to try and piece together. It is especially bad with huge historical garments!

Jade said...

Your hoodie is gorgeous! I love those short "like a bolero" kind of jackets and hoodies and would kill to get one of those. :D

Sarah said...

I like the pattern, and the hoidies exceptionallty cute. I recently downloaded a pattern from the Internet. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a seam allowance after cutting it out i didn't realise, i may make a toile from to see how it works out

Anonymous said...

glaub langsam wirds zeit meine else wieder auszupacken XD schaut wieder total toll aus :-)

Trisha said...

wie schön der geworden ist <3! Das Muster habe ich auch mal genäht, aus kuschelfleece mit Überdimensionaler Kapuze ^^

MindLess said...

@ Janina: Danke! Oh, so einen großen Plotter hätte ich auch gerne. Aber es lohnt sich nicht, weil ich das auschneiden auch schon ziemlich ätzend finde... Ich würde mich freuen zu sehen wie deine Version aussieht!

@ Claire: Thank you!

@ Laura Morrigan: Well, I think it was. There was a print on the right hand side with the name if the pattern, so I could put them together quite easily. But there were no markings on the other sides...

@ Jade: You could easily make one yourself! ^^ Or I could make you one if you give me your measurements!

@ Sarah Harrington: Oh, that is a pity! I always look for seam allowances, this pattern has 1 cm included.

@ kakuidori: Mach mal! Else will bestimmt Auslauf! Und vielen Dank... ^^

@ Trisha: Stimmt, die Kapuze fand ich auch recht klein. Aber passend - und so viel Stoff hatte ich auch nicht! Fleece ist bestimmt auch toll, da muss man die Kapuze nicht füttern.

Neisella Nightshade said...

Ooooh, den hätte ich auch gerne =)

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Schnittmuster kann ich dir mitbringen, wenn du magst!

Antje said...

Der sieht ja wirklich praktisch für den Alltag aus!

MindLess said...

@ Fräulein Nachtschatten: Ja, wobei es jetzt schon fast zu warm zum tagsüber tragen ist!