Monday, March 30, 2015

Little helpers: Twin needle

This weeks little helper is mainly needed for stretchy fabrics - the twin needle! Not only does it two nice lines next to each other, as the back with the bobbin thread is zigzag, the hems or seams stay elastic!

What is it good for?
Well, doing twin stitches, duh!

Well, as I said above, you can do elastic hems with them. But you can also use them to do double seam on jeans - with a needle for wovens of course! Or decorative stitches with a twin needle, but beware: Only in the width of your presser foot.

 photo IMG_6830_zps3dnsgo6z.jpg

 photo IMG_6831_zps4xp0htz5.jpg

By the way, if you have problems with the fabric accumulating in the middle between the two seams, you can either try reducing the opper fabric tension, iron on some interfacing under the seam or iron the sh*t out of it after sewing. All reduce the "wall formation"!

 photo IMG_6832_zpsixkadbrw.jpg

How much does it cost?
Depending on where you buy them, you pay between 50 cents (hah! ^^) or 4 Euro. They are not very expensive and really usefull!

Who needs it?
I think most people do, but if you never work with jersey and have no intention for using them for decoration you don't. Or if you own a coverlock machine. If that is the case, I might be your new best friend and come over to visit you with a bunch of unhemmed shirts! ;)


Janina said...

I love my twin needles! I always have to reduce the lower yarn tension to get a nice seam, but I never used it just for decoration. I think I broke one ore more on the foot by accidently being in zigzag mode :o

MindLess said...

@ Janina: Ich auch! An meiner Nähma ist der Unterfaden so eingestellt, dass ich die Spannung nicht verstellen kann - horizontaler Greifer eben. Und ich habe mir auch einige Nadeln so zerhauen, darum die Warnung dass man den Platz im Fuß beachten muss. Ich bin ja eh nicht so der Dekomensch, die Zierstiche stehen aber noch auf meiner "für historische Unterwäsche" Liste...

Anonymous said...

ive never been able to use them properly (maybe because i dont trust them enough and that really slows me down XD)

ramona said...

heyyy that was me O_O my name disappeared... i disappeared?!

Madame Mari Mortem said...

I must admit, I very rarely find a use for twin needles in my sewing, I guess 'cause I also rarely sew with knit-- not because I think it's hard but I am tremendously picky about the patterns and sizes of knit fabrics, hehe.

Maybe it's just my location, but how easy or hard is it to find the right size,width and type in twins for you? Another part of the reason I don't use them often is that I can only find them in universals and embroidery-- very rarely in denim, ballpoint, and metallic.

MindLess said...

@ ramona: I didn't erase your name and I have no idea what happened! Sorry! And for the trust issues, I can only recommend to try again. It is not that hard, but might take some fiddling in the beginning!

@ Madam Mari Mortem: As i said, if you refrain from sewing (thin) jerseys, you will probably not need them. And you are right that they are eays to come by for jersey, but I do own some denim and universal as well - both in the widest width. I don't remember where I got them, it might have been the allmighty interwebs...