Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little helpers: Seam ripper and point turner

The tools I present today are ones that I bought after Madama Mari Mortem's recommendation some time ago. Don't get me wrong, I did own seam rippers before, but this one is rather fancy:

 photo IMG_6807_zps0o2ryw3a.jpg

 photo IMG_6808_zpsnqjxbqkx.jpg

What is it good for?
The seam ripper "Seamfix" by Gütermann is everything a normal seam ripper is plus the silicon thingies on both sides. One looks like a bee hive, the other like a - certain part of female anatomy ;) - This lead to the name bee-nipple in my home... They remove the little pieces of thread that are left in the fabric after seam ripping when you move them over the former seam. Really nice! By the way, did you know that many seamstresses use the seam ripper wrong? This video shows how to do it correctly:

What does it cost?
I got mine for a mere 2,50 Euros, so not much of an investment!

Who needs this?
Well, everyone? The only other option I know to rip seams - besides pure brutal force! ^^ - is a small pair of scissors. Otherwise a seam ripper is really handy and this one removes thread leftovers well, which is a bonus!

What is it good for?
The other tool on the pictures is a point turner which is used for turning points, duh! You can use it for everything angular, like corners in the collar or in bags. The pointy bit goes into the corner and makes it nice and -well- pointy.

You can also use the point turner for "pressing" seams open. No heat is applied, but for cotton fabrics this method works as well as ironing. Just lay the pieces open and move the pointer with pressure along the seam. That's it!

What does it cost?
Something around 5 Euros.

Who needs this?
This tool is not as necessary as the seam ripper. You can turn corners with every pointy object in reach, like pens or rulers or knifes. The point turner has the advantage of being pointy and thin enough for pretty corners in the finished product, but not ripping through the fabric as easily as a knife or a pointy pen. I like to use it to open the seams because I hat ironing with passion, but this tool is more optional than the ones I showed here before...


Neisella Nightshade said...

Diese kleine "little helper" Serie ist super! Danke dafür =)

Janina said...

Der Nahttrenner ist wirklich klasse! Das nervige ist ja meist nicht das Auftrennen, sondern das Fäden ziehen... Das Wendeteil klingt aber auch sehr praktisch :)

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Gerne doch! Kannst du auch etwas empfehlen? deinen Hotfix-Stab oder so?

@ Janina: Ich mag beides, wobei ich diesen Nahttrenner noch nicht so lange habe aber heiß und innig liebe!

Frau Vau said...

Der Nahttrenner ist Dein bester Freund! ;)
Nicht immer, aber Du weißt schon... man braucht ihn. Eine Art Hassliebe.

Den Point-Turner habe ich nicht, ich habe eine Ahle, die ich für sowas benutze. Zum Nähte ausstreichen habe ich ein kleines Holztool aus dem Patchwork-Bereich. Keine Ahnung, wie das heißt.... :)

Liebe Grüße

Madame Mari Mortem said...

I have a tremendous amount of bad habits from being self taught (and trying to rectify) but it's good to know that I was at least using a seam ripper correctly! Hehe. Though sometimes I'll use a razor blade for the finicky fabrics life chiffon, because I tear into the fabric more often than not with the proper method.

I am so elated you found my recommendations good, but now you'll never be able to go back! They're too useful! Haha

Anonymous said...

holy bat, das wär echt mal nen kauf wert, ich hasse diese kleinen fadenreste die echt üüüüberall im stoff hängen bleiben :-/

MindLess said...

@ Frau Vau: Ja, diese Hassliebe teile ich. Man kann nicht mit oder ohne ihn...

@ Madame Mari Mortem: You are an evil enabler and you know it! ^^ But thanks for ehancing my sewing tool horizon!

@ kakuidori: Dagegen hilft es echt ganz wunderbar, ich kann den Bienennippel nur weiterempfehlen!

Jade said...

These seem super handy! The couple of times I have sewn something I would have definitely needed those! :D

MindLess said...

@ Jade: This is why I make the series, to show helpful tools for everyone!

Neisella Nightshade said...

Ich geh mal in mich, spontan fällt mir aber nichts ein.

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Trotzdem danke!