Monday, March 23, 2015

Little helpers: KAM Snaps tool

The tool I'll show you today is also relatively new in my tool box, but I still used it already with success: The KAM Snaps tongs (with snaps of course!)

 photo IMG_6806_zpsi5sb88mq.jpg

What is it good for?
The tongs insert KAM snaps into fabric, leather or paper. This is useful for bags - to close them with snap buttons which you don't have to sew in- and many bloggers use it for children's clothes. I used mine for bags and as decoration...

What does it cost?
The tongs were 20 Euros, but 50 buttons were already included. Usually, the snaps are 20 for 1 Euro, so quite cheap actually. There are also different forms (stars, hearts) available but I never looked after those so I have no idea if the prizes differ...

Who needs it?
 Actually, I don't know. I didn't really need it myself, because I could have used other snap buttons or a completely different kind of closure. Or clench my teeth and handsew some snap buttons in. But I don't like hand sewing and I liked the snaps that were used on my leather belt thingy. And I find them kinda cute and already used the tongs more than I thought. So this is more a gimmick, but if you have 20 Euros spare and need closures for bags or children's clothes, go for it!


Janina said...

Die Kam Snaps Zange hab ich auch, ist aber eher selten im Einsatz, da ich meistens Metalldruckknöpfe nehme - mit der Variozange natürlich ;)

Laura Morrigan said...

It does sound useful! Hand sewing snaps is such an awful, difficult job! Let alone finding a needle small enough!

MindLess said...

@ Janina: Stimmt die sind auch gut, aber ich finde die schwarzen Knöpfe aus Plastik auf schwarz manchmal besser. Und ich bin erstaunt, wie gut sie halten!

@ Laura Morrigan: I have good needles, but no good hand sewing skills (and no patience for it whatsoever)! ;)