Monday, March 16, 2015

CorpGoth Status Report: What's for Lunch?

Subject: What do you eat for lunch on a typical workday? Do you brown-bag it, eat at a cafeteria, or go out? Do you eat with coworkers or solo? Do you work through lunch? Do you do something else during your lunch break, like take a walk, run errands, or go to the gym? If you work from home, do you make a fresh meal and play with your pets or kids? Tell us something about your midday break in this report.
My lunch is kind of easy-peasy: The whole working group gathers at 12 a.m. sharp and visits the canteen together. There are always three warm meals (one of them vegan or vegetarian) plus additionally fresh salads from a bar for self assembly or other warm options. The actual meals are state-subsidized for students, so much cheaper than the salad and other bar stuff which has to be paid by the ounce.

Bringing my own lunch is not really an option because of the canteen (the workers frown on people that eat their own lunch there). Not going with the others is also frowned upon - but not by the canteen workers but my boss. So to the canteen I go to eat more or less healthy there... Which usually takes about 30 minutes with all of us talking about work and heading back to our desks. Not the most exciting or relaxing lunch "break", I guess!

But since I work long hours and go to sports or computer class directly after work, I also bring some afternoon snacks which I eat during my low energy point between 3 and 4 p.m.. I always have some nuts at hand in case I get severely hungry, but usually my snacks are a smoothie or self made yogurt with fruits. Sometimes a salad when we made some at home and have leftovers!

My boyfriend on the other hand almost always takes leftovers from the stuff we cooked the evening before.


kakuidori said...

i actually would be pissing off your boss XD my break belongs to me ^^

Laura Morrigan said...

It is nice that the work group eat together, so you can eat with work friends, and nice that they offer healthy options that are subsidised! At my old work everyone used to get takeaway from KFC, Maccas or Oporto, so if you didn't you just sat there wishing you had!

Anonymous said...

Yogurt with frozen raspberries and honey is one of my favourite things ever. I am, however, looking to branch out and am really curious what other fruits you use :)

MindLess said...

@ kakuidori: Now that I know this contract is finite, I should start doing this as well... ;)

@ Laura Morrigan: Wow, that sounds pretty bad! Now I'm glad for the options I have!

@ Anonymous: I eat my yogurt with mango or strawberries or cherries - we have frozen and destoned ones- or a mix of what we have available...

kirschenkind said...

We do the same in our work group (in Germany), sometimes even before 12. My boss is very keen on this and I do see some advantages regarding work organization and sometimes informal gossip etc. The food is mostly gross but there's always a soup/stew option.
Good to meet another PostDoc online :)

MindLess said...

@ Kirschenkind: Birds of a feather stick together... ;) I also understand that this keeps the group together, but I'd love to get a little break from work. Well, actually, I just take that some time later in the day! ^^