Friday, January 30, 2015

Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment

The amazing curious Professor Z has returned to the blogosphere after handing in her PhD thesis and when this post is up, we can officially call her Dr. Z! She sacrificed some of her time to give us our monthly homwork again, this time the topic is to show our creative side:

There is now some extra time to finish projects and start new ones. This month's homework assignment, albeit a little late in posting, is to show your crafting/art/sewing/knitting/crochet works in progress and the projects that you want to tackle in the next few months. What's on your cutting table? What's in your knitting basket? Did you just buy four new skeins of yarn for that shawl you've been meaning to make? Is there a canvas in the corner of your room just begging for some paint? Show us what you've been up to and what you are planning. 
Oh boy, this is catching me on the wrong foot. Of course, like every seamstress, I have a list of stuff I'd like to sew. But since I'm not sure if I'll go to WGT this year, me not visiting Gala Nocturna or another opportunity to really dress to the nines, my motivation to sew grand robes is rather down. I still have the South Africa dress on my list which will most likely be completed this weekend and thus presented next week.

I plan to sew some things from the fabrics I bought, but I have not yet made concrete plans besides the shirt from the zigzag pleather and the poofer from the batting. Both are rather boring projects, but will be quick to finish. And I'd like to finish a hat and bolero matching the Flash Gordon bustle to wear at the Steampunk Fair in Bochum at the end of February. Now that I write about it, I seem to have more plans in mind than I thought! ^^

Since I post my finished stuff here in the blog whenever I can, I have nothing new and exciting to show here except a scarf I made form leftovers of the blouse I showed on Wednesday.

 photo IMG_6702_zpsaa85c537.jpg

But if you are new to this blog, please take a minute to read other posts and maybe you will find something you like...

Week in Review 5/2015

What did I see?
This week I saw amazing statues made from old car parts and other used electronics by the Russian sculpturist Igor Vernij. They look very steampunky:

What did I listen to?
Tool - Schism

What did I ask myself?
Was that really helpful?

What did I read?
Manuals for humans...

What did I work on?
A skirt, a hat and a dress

I was happy about...
How nice the dress comes together!

I was annoyed about...
My work. See a pattern here?!

I bought...
Fabric. Lots of fabric!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

La Maison Victor - Blouse Billie

When I brought the two sewing magazines from Amsterdam, I already said which patterns I'd like to sew first. One of them was the Billie blouse in the La Maison Victor magazine. I rarely sew chiffon because it is a horrible, horrible fabric, but when I saw this Chiffon with Panters on it (Yay, crazy cat lady!) for cheap (Yay for not caring if it doesn't work out!) in Bremen when visiting a friend together with Sintra, I instantly knew what to use it for!

Fast forward a few weeks (Christmas... ;) ) and imagine me in my room, putting the fabric on the floor for cutting and fetching the sewing magazine from my stash. I stepped back, slipped on the magazine and - twisted my ankle! Bummer, I tell you. It took me weeks to be able to walk properly again and sew, the pattern somehow developed into a boss enemy. I was somehow afraid of starting it again, however stupid this may sound. But now I conquered it:

 photo IMG_6696_zps1154cc02.jpg

 photo IMG_6697_zpsb26207ee.jpg

I am not sure if I will wear this in public with the cats on it. But the pattern fits - no wonder because it is really loose. The fabric was horrible as ever, but the pattern went together smoothly and looks like the pictures. I added some mother of pearl buttons that matched the colours:

 photo IMG_6698_zps5f956321.jpg

Would you wear this blouse for work? With a top underneath?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fabric shopping - "I need a bigger storage room" edition

It has also been quite some time that I showed you which fabrics I bought. I never showed the Wawawoom dress fabric in it's original state when I brought it from Barcelona. I also bought some fabric in South Africa which is now already on it's way to become a dress and was never "introduced" to you in it's basic stage... But this Saturday I traveled with my friend Sintra to the magical fabric outlet in Münster and bought some more fabric for my stash *cough I might try to sew it up before putting it away cough*. I only spent 26 Euros for the stuff below and a jacket zipper which I didn't take a pic of. You know how a black zipper looks like, right?!

Some projects will be pretty easy. I bought some batting to make a puffer like the American Duchess, but mine will be black on one side and white on the other (2m):

 photo IMG_6686_zps49fa998f.jpg

I also bought a fancy fabric I have never seen before. It is black netting with strips of pleather (plastic leather) sewn like a zigzag on it. This will make a simple t-shirt to let the fabric shine and because I have only about 70cm:

 photo IMG_6693_zpseeecef92.jpg

I got some jerseys, but also only one meter each -one from cotton and one from linen which is a little sea-through:

 photo IMG_6688_zpsc6673839.jpg

I got really excited when I saw the next fabric I bought: Black stretchy cotton with silver glittery lace print? That will make a great fishtail and the two meters left will be just enough for that!

 photo IMG_6690_zpsb4d3990c.jpg

 photo IMG_6689_zps632b6afe.jpg
with flash to show off the glitter

And the last fabric also made me really my heart sing: It looks like leather, but it is somehow printed on stretchy cotton! And unlike (p)leather, this fabric is really breathable!

 photo IMG_6692_zpsfe38ab56.jpg

Right now they are already prewashed and drying on the line in the attic! I was kinda surprised I only bought black fabrics, but I feel really comfortable and pretty in black right now. Sintra on the other hand only bought colourful stuff, so it kind of evened out... Did you buy any fabrics lately? Where do you get cool fabrics like the ones I found?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Sweet - French chocolate cake

It has been some time until the last time I showed you the sweets that I make on the weekend. This has several reasons:
  1. It was Christmas and boy, do I eat a lot of sweet stuff at that time of the year! So much, I didn't really "need"anything more
  2. I ate some stuff before taking pictures of it. Or I ate stuff I didn't make myself...
  3. I'm lazy when it comes to taking pictures... Sorry, guys!
But this week, I made chocolate cake with a very juicy and delicious dough. Next time I'll add some more cocoa to make it even more chocolate-y, but otherwise it was great! I ate most of it with Sintra yesterday, she also liked it:

 photo IMG_6695_zps63dbb82f.jpg

Otherwise, I spent my Sunday mostly on my knees, cutting fabric for more sewing projects...

 photo IMG_6681_zps148caf3e.jpg

What do you do with your (lazy?) Sundays?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Abigail Larson Prints

Last November during her Black Friday sale, I bought some art prints from Abigail Larson. I admired her a lot already during the last years, but when she offered free shipping, I could not resist!

 photo IMG_6682_zps3542964d.jpg

The prints are of great quality and the colours brilliant! I love her style and look forward to the day when I can finally hang them (it is more a matter of getting my ass into gear than anything else... *sigh*)...

 photo IMG_6684_zps78a5480d.jpg

 photo IMG_6683_zps2259ebea.jpg

Do you own any art prints? Do you know other artists with similar style that I should research?

Week in Review 4/2015

What did I see?
After last weeks very classical looking marbles sculptures, this week is all about modern sociocultural criticism. This week a TV series from Norway came up in my newsfeed in which 3 Norwegian bloggers went to Cambodia to exprience the suffering of thrid world seamstresses. I found it quite moving how their opinion chnaged from "oh, the don't know it better so they don't suffer" to "This is absolutely inhumane, noone should have to live like that!"... 

In addition to that, Luis Quiles draws comics that are funny only on first view but are much deeper on a second glance...

What did I listen to?
"The hunger games" as an audio book

What did I ask myself?
Was this the right step?

What did I read?
A lot of papers again and job descriptions.

What did I work on?
A blouse.

I was happy about...
The lot of people who protested against a modern right wing group (Pegida), although the right wingers cancelled their march!

I was annoyed about...
My job.

I bought...
 Some make up by Clinique

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flash Gordon bustle

This bustle was made because of several lucky accidents:
  1. I watched Flash Gordon, which has fancy evil troopers with asian style
  2. I had some Asian inspired Fabric which I bought because it was cheap (1.99 Euro per meter, how could I resist?)
 photo IMG_6680_zps18be0604.jpg
  1. Sintra asked me again to help her with Simplicity pattern 1819. We tried it before, but did not pull it through last time...
Combine all of those together and you have me, inspiredby Flash Gordon's evil Imperator Ming with cheap fabric suited for a muslin and the pattern on hand. It took me quite some time to understand how to sew the bustle; it is sewn directly to the underskirt which took me some thrity minutes and several sketches to understand!

To try if I got it right before phoning Sintra, I cut the pattern and started to put it together. When it worked, I called her and she came around to work on her bustle. Unfortunately, we need to work on her bustle again because the fabric was misbehaving. But we will meet again on Saturday to finish it off!

This was my bustle:

 photo IMG_6673_zps9636c10f.jpg

 photo IMG_6678_zpsd47c8ce9.jpg

 photo IMG_6677_zpsd91fc2eb.jpg

As you can see, I changed some things. The zipper was set into the side seam instead of the back, The underskirt is much shorter to show off my pretty legs! ;) And the back poof was strange when I sewed it the way the pattern wanted me to, so I added some more rushing and made it a bit shorter. Generally, I'd recommend the pattern, but the sewing instructions are not the easiest, so you should have some sewing experience when you want to try it!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Summer crown

Last weekend I met with Neisella again to get creative together. Not only did she make delicious food for me (one of the main reasons I visit her ;) ), she also helped me to place the horns I bought at the Burgtreffen on a headband. A whole orgy of hot glue and plenty of fake flowers later I made a head dress which screamed summer to me!

 photo 20150114_1417331_zpsb482de8c.jpg

 photo 20150114_1417371_zpsc326f9c1.jpg

 photo 20150114_1418031_zpsafc0a8b9.jpg

I brought it home with me and when I wanted to show it to my boyfriend, it fell apart. Stupid hot glue was not elastic enough for the head band! Not it is glued back in place and sewn in additionally. Now it should last until the next opportunity to wear it. I just have no idea what that may be... ;)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Louise Black corset

Years ago, I fell in love with Louise Black's corsets the second I saw them on Etsy. She is the actual inventor of the skeleton cameo sewn to black or stripey corsets! The ones that can be found for cheap (and in much cheaper quality) everywhere on the Internet. She sews them to your measurements which of course costs a bit more. At that time I was to broke as a student to afford such a corset - especially with the costly shipping from the USA to Germany...

But now I have a real job and enough money for frivolous spending. And I splurged and got this beauty:

  photo IMG_6669_zps085d3997.jpg

 photo IMG_6670_zps98b0ee3d.jpg

Made to my measurements, it fits perfectly and is incredibly comfortable to wear. It fits as well as my self made corsets, although I just gave her my measurements and we never had an actual fitting session! I love it!

 photo IMG_6671_zps63bac853.jpg

And look at these pretty details! There is lace sewn on the tunnels, the stripes match perfectly and the lining is pretty with baroque patterns and stripes! I'm so happy I got this corset and will wear it a lot...

 photo IMG_6672_zps624cbe82.jpg

Week in Review 3/2015

What did I see?
This week I saw some miniature medieval interiors carved into Marble by Matthew Simmonds. They look amazing and I'd love to own one for my desk!

What did I listen to?
Deichkind- Leider geil

What did I ask myself?
Is time flying even faster this week?

What did I read?
About 20 papers, a grant application, an agenda and a pattern description.

What did I work on?
A hat and horns!

I was happy about...
Meeting Paisleystern and Neisella again after such a long time!

I was annoyed about...
Long work hours

I bought...
Makeup. Boy, I really need to buy less stuff...  Especially after I saw this (German) report...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A curtain to match the drapes

Who has dirty thoughts because of the title? ;) I knitted (again with the knitting frame) a cowl from the wool I also used for my socks. I was visiting Paisleystern after a very long time, but knitting can be done on the couch while talking! We also went to shoot with bow and arrow; I'm happy to report no casualties...

 This pic will show you the colourway which ich simply love - although it looks much better in real life:

 photo 20150114_1418421_zps2e90a818.jpg

And this is a better representation of the cowl-colours:

 photo 20150114_1416401_zpsac64766b.jpg

Oh, did somebody notice my new haircut? I told you I cut quite a bit off... About 50cm to be exact! Now my hair has one colour instead of three and shows off my natural waves a lot better. But I'd still like to return to longer hair, so I'll let it grow more or less from now on. Any ideas for party styling short hair? ;)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Totoro gift

For my friend Paisleystern I made a little gift this year. She is really into Hayao Miyazaki and like Totoro so I made her a little Totoro and some soot spirits so he is not alone. I was loosely insired by this tutorial (but you can see that I only took the initial idea and went crazy from there...)

 photo 20141129_154453_zps0f5aae27.jpg

 photo 20141129_154500_zps04808853.jpg

 photo 20141130_093226_zpsd6607970.jpg

I only used felt and a zipper. For the soot spirits I used a pompom maker and black fluffy wool. The goggly eyes are glued on...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sugarpill haul

Whenever I see the amazing make up creations that Vulcan Butterfly shows on her blog, I enived her a bit. Those crazy bright colours, the matte bright shades and the amazing lashes that she had from Sugarpill made me really jelaous! So when Sugarpill announced their Black Friday sale, I ordered soemthing although the shipping was nearly killing me (30$, holy moly!). And when I discovered that there was also free international shipping when you buy stuff worth over 100$, guess who filled her basket to the brim? :)

 photo IMG_6665_zps50dfa2a4.jpg

The packaging alone is so bright I wanna scream! I got three types of lashes, two palettes, one pressed and two loose eye shadows. Here is how they look unwrapped:

 photo IMG_6666_zpsed01c970.jpg

 photo IMG_6667_zps1feebbfb.jpg
with Flash to show the actual brightness!

Sorry for the blurry and dark pictures but I have not seen the light of day at home since the weekend... You'll have to do with my horrible picture skills! Now my only complaint is that my hurt ankle is in the way of partying... Maybe I should ignore it and see how much I can dance?

Week in Review 2/2015

What did I see?
After showing you several modern paintings or reinterpreted classical art, I stumbled upon an artist who used old golden frames and elastic fabrics to make eery pictures of people. Luca Pierro says that " The models look like paintings from the nineteenth century! I did some research and I think that this can be considered as a new technique in the world of photography." I don't agree with the looking like paintings from the 19th century, but it is certainly something very new!

What did I listen to?
Gabriel Burns Theme and the Audiobook to The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

What did I ask myself?
To the front or to the back?

What did I read?
Nothing. Although I have the most amazing books lying on my nightstand... But currently I watch a lot of Netflix (Orange is the new Black, so good!) and sew, so no time for reading!

What did I work on?
A blouse and a hat

I was happy about...
My loving boyfriend... He is the best!

I was annoyed about...
My ankle. I teared some tendons and now I wear a cast... Which disfigures my shoes and generally annoys me!

I bought...
Only paid customs, but nothing new bought...