Friday, December 12, 2014

Review Knipmode

During my stay in Amsterdam I bought two issues of sewing pattern magazine that are not available in Germany. One of them was the hyped "Knipmode" from which I often heard but that I never had in my own hands. The sellers on the Dutch fabric market often use these patterns to demonstrate finished garments from their fabrics, so i knew I could expect laid back and simple styles with a little twist. To avoid copyright issues, I took rather low resolution images, but I guess everyone can understand what I'm talking about...

Since this was the winter edition, many of the patterns are intended to make pretty christmas dresses. This is nice on the one hand because I love seeing the cute creations, but on the other hand I rarely wear fancy dresses so I don't sew them besides historical stuff. *sigh*

 photo IMG_6632_zpscfbec7d0.jpg

Many of the patterns are simple in a good way, like not too many details so that fancy fabrics are not overwhelmed with a lot of fancy stuff. I also liked a lot that they used normal models and not the skinny ones that usually appear in Burda. And that the patterns are the center of attention even if the picture might not be as "Vogue-fancy" as Burda's style:

 photo IMG_6633_zpsd20e3ceb.jpg

The amount of patterns is comparable to Burda and the price a little higher (7,95 Euros), so it is an option when I come around to buy another one:

 photo IMG_6634_zps08588e28.jpg

Like Burda, the Knipmode has some sewing tipps. In this issue, they center around sewing knit fabrics. I would love to understand what the writing says, but the pictures are very helpful already!

 photo IMG_6635_zpscc583d1d.jpg

There is also one special designer pattern which seems to be very easy in this issue. It is mainly tubes of elastic fabrics with some see through material added:

 photo IMG_6636_zpsd22aa69d.jpg

All in all definitively worth a try if you are an advanced seamstress and do not need to rely on the written explanations or are able to understand Dutch - which I can't. But the patterns are great and greatly visible in the pictures taken on the models. If I come around sewing again, I'd love to sew the dress in the second picture!

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Laura Morrigan said...

If you liked really simple patterns which you could tell how they went together it would be good. Grandma subscribes to European Burda in English, I always take a look at that, but I haven't seen anything I want to make in a while.