Wednesday, December 17, 2014


As I already told you, my boyfriend gave me a day in Amsterdam as a Birthday gift, which was just amazing! I have never been there before because I somehow suffer from being geographically stupid: I always estimate closeby cities further away! Before heading to Antwerp this spring, I would have said it was more than three hours away when it actually was a mere 2 hours. Same with Amsterdam, I always assumed it was 4 hours away - it is actually about 3 hours drive!

 photo 20141128_102506_zps15ddad54.jpg

Anyway, when we arrived we had a blast. The first thing we really saw was the central station which was pretty busy even in the morning. All in all the city was pretty crowded although we went there on a Friday! We first entered a huge shopping centre called the Bijenkorfand looked for expensive shoes and christmas decorations. I've never seen dinosaur christmas decorations before, but I was in awe!

 photo 20141128_1049261_zps2a7db131.jpg

Next we entered the city centre and walked a bit around. Since I spent most of my study years in Münster which is close to the Dutch border, I knew that I needed to buy vla (a kind of custard, very delicious) later but I didn't want to carry it all day. So our first stop was the Anne Frank museum and on the way there we already saw many of the beautiful Grachten (canals).

 photo 20141128_111458_zps306de39e.jpg

Next to the University of Amsterdam we saw some cool grafitties like this one with the Last Supper reinterpreted:

 photo 20141128_1151441_zps6b7f19dc.jpg

We had a short lunch with pancakes (Poffertjes  = small sweet pancakes for me and a large pancake with cheese and ham for my boyfriend) and walked over the flowers and plants market next to a gracht. We bought some tulip onions to plant in my dad's garden, but there were also hemp starter kits for the interested. Actually, the whole city smelled of weed and most of the shopkeepers we encountered were more or less high. Well, it is legal in the Netherlands to smoke pot but we were not interested...

 photo 20141128_134634_zps79825fe2.jpg

And next to pot, seemingly many tourists are also using many different kinds of drugs. Next to this former customs house we found this sign which warns tourists that cocain with heroin is sold and already killed 3 tourists!

  photo 25a26841-f490-464d-82f0-05175d631991_zps57f5b00e.jpg

Some of the store decorations were really cool, like the fabric shop we entered with zippers and feather boas in the window or this lovely sweets shop with hairdoes made from candy!

 photo 20141128_144109_zps1adbf22d.jpg

Most of the malls were decorated with Christmas stuff already, but I somehow really liked it:
  photo 20141128_1618471_zps7334180e.jpg

Our dinner was laso very Dutch; we went to a Febo, an automatic fast food restaurant. You can get warm fast food by simply putting some coins in the automat and get something fatty and delicious! I got chips speciaal (with curry ketchp, mayonaise and fresh onions) and my boyfriend got some frikandel (meatball) with that. Not the most fancy food, but great nevertheless!

 photo 20141128_172457_zps376de62e.jpg

We said goodbye to Amsterdam after the night set and this wonderful view of a Hotel next to the central station and the cool house of cards statue in front of it! We will come back, we are very sure...

 photo 20141128_173329_zps26fe0d57.jpg


Laura Morrigan said...

Wow, that' s close, it's only about 15 hours by plane for us to get to Europe, if I remember correctly!

I love poffertjes. My partners grandparents were dutch so I have acquired a love of all sweet Dutch desserts.

The lolly hair is amazing!

I want to use an automat one day, they remind me of the movie Dark City but i have never seen one in real life!

Jade said...

Looks like you had an awesome trip! :) Those dinosaur holiday decorations are wonderful, so are the hair-dos made of candy. Did you have pre-ordered online tickets to Anne Frank's museum, or did you have to wait in line? I remember when I was there one summer and the line was like two blocks or something. >_>

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: But I still will visit New Zealand next year if everything works out allright! If you ever come to Europe, I'd love to show you all the amazing DUtch specialities here...

@ Jade: We should have preordered, as the line was so long we didn't go inside. My boyfriend is already hard to convince of museum visits and the line really annoyed him a lot.