Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bat necklace and bracelett

I like winter, I really do. I like snow and cold and clear icy blue skies! The only problem is that the amount of light in my flat is low nowadays, or rather too low to take nice pictures of the jewelry I made. So instead of nice pictures on me or my mannequin, you'll have to bear with these:

 photo IMG_0165_zps4ecd6d3a.jpg

Bat necklace - I bought two of these bats and one was exchanged for a knit DNA helix. The other one was lying around and screaming to be turned into something pretty. I simply added two red beads with silver stuff I also had lying in my jewelry box.

 photo IMG_0166_zps94bd644d.jpg

 photo IMG_0167_zps9e61d52e.jpg

Bat bracelet - The epitome of laziness. I bought the bat and bend it in shape.That's it! ;)