Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vienna 2013 - Part 1

As promised I will make a short report about traveling to Vienna. This time I went together with my mum who gave this trip as a present to me for graduation! Thanks, mum!

On our first day in Vienna, we first wanted to head for the Josephinum which is a collection of medical exhibits from the last century. My mum is a Pharmacist and as a Biologist I'm naturally curious in all things body related... On our way to the Josephinum we passed the Servitenkirche (church of the Servites, pretty nice and small) and one of Vienna's many second hand markets and took a short peek inside. We didn't buy anything, though... If you are looking for one, the one we found was directly opposite Sigmund Freud's Museum! We also passed the Liechtenstein house which houses a large collection of art and a beautiful garden.

 photo Wien2013026_zpsc73e8c7f.jpg

Once we found the Josephinum after a little search, we realised that it was closed. Obviously the entrance dates changed and the travel guides where not current enough. If you plan going there, it is only open on the weekends! Bummer...
Next we made our way to the Town Hall and the Christmas market right in front of it. Actually, inside a part of the Town Hall was a center for children to make presents like cookies and cups for their family. But we only had a hot chocolate in the Cafe and entered the Town Hall's main Hall.

 photo Wien2013036_zps8816f1a5.jpg

 photo Wien2013037_zps44a53f11.jpg

 photo Wien2013053_zpsb60d0a6b.jpg

This was also when my boss informed me that the DFG proposal was granted and that I will be employed until Mid 2015! So of course my mum and I went to the Christmas market at the Town Hall to celebrate by buying Christmas tree decorations (mum) and cookie cutters (both of us)!
Our next stop was to get back to the hotel and then to the Naschmarket which is a large consistent market. There are booths like little houses and you can buy everything to eat there; meat, fish, poultry, spices, vegetables, fruits, cheeses... It was overwhelming enough to make me forget to take any pictures!

The last stop of the day was the inner city centre with the Secession (the Viennese call it golden cauliflower ^^) and the Stephan's dome, where we celebrated a little more with gourmet hot spiced wine!

 photo Wien2013064_zpsb55a6eb8.jpg

 photo Wien2013084_zps938e7ecb.jpg

The next morning we started relatively early to visit Vienna's main cemetery, My mum wanted to go (so it is not only a gothic thing to visit cemeteries) and let me tell you this thing is huge. Really huge. There are 3 tram stations for the cemetery plus a system of several bus lines! There are huge graves and monuments for many of the families there! We had the most spooky cemetery weather as you can see in the pics:

 photo IMG_0094_zps603de5c8.jpg

 photo IMG_0098_zpse49504e2.jpg

Our next stop was the fancy fabric store Komolka. It seems to be the largest fabric store in Vienna and really has lots and lots of fabrics. The prices are relatively high (for me, I'm a cheapskate when it comes to fabric) and range from about 7 Euros (for crushed velvet and organdy) to several hundreds (for silk lace with rhinestones or fabrics with sewn on feathers). I just got 2 meters, one of the amazing fake fur and another of black jacquard.

 photo IMG_0108_zps324a7a11.jpg

Since we could not visit the Josephinum, we went to the Narrenturm (= Fool's tower) instead. My mum who visited the Josephinum before said that the Narrenturm was even better! For 4 Euros we got a guided tour and saw a lot of deformations, diseases and even a Situs inversus (= all organs are mirrored)! We were not allowed to take pictures, but it was really cool! The Narrenturm is open Wednesday and Fridays.

 photo IMG_0111_zps2c6357ea.jpg

After yet another Christmas market (this time at the University), we went for a pizza and did a late night trip to the Museum of Natural History. It. Was. Great! Absolutely amazing venue, the exhibitions were great and you have to go there when you are in Vienna! The Museum of Natural History is opened on Wednesday until 9 pm and costs 8-10 Euro.

 photo IMG_0122_zps5234da71.jpg

 photo IMG_0154_zps85432c5d.jpg

 photo IMG_0126_zps2d093eb4.jpg

 photo IMG_0129_zps4ae4c3c1.jpg

 photo IMG_0135_zps73551c9b.jpg

 photo IMG_0151_zps41d81c2a.jpg

After one last Christmas market (right in front of the Museum on the Magarethenplatz (= Magareth plaza)), we went back to the hotel.


Jade said...

I only now realized that one funny-looking bird is a dodo! :D It took me ten days and the Ice Age-movie commercial to have the "Eureka!"-moment. I feel so blond right now.

Thanks to your post about your trip, I'll definitely visit Vienna too some day! ^_^

MindLess said...

@ Jade: Maybe I should have labeled it! ^^ I was actually sqieking with joy when I saw it. I never saw a real one (altough this was dead of course)!

Vienna is a lovely city, definetively worth a visit!

Jade said...

Well, I think one should know a dodo when one sees it. :D So it was just some sort of a mental block that I could not recognize it first! The most shameful part is that I just recently read Douglas Adams' 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency' again and there are dodos.