Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A book and a blanket - part 2

Hi, welcome to the second part of "A Book and a Blanket" here on my blog. As last week, I'm participating in Marfi's challenge to write something about the books I read. Last week I talked (a lot, ahm...^^) about the Monstrumologist series, but today I'd like to talk about something completey different.

My taste in reading is actually all over the place. I mostly read fiction (I need to read a lot at work which fully satisfies any need for non-fictional stuff), but there is hardly a genre I never touch. My mum is really into historical fiction, so naturally when I raided her bookshelf for new material I stumbled upon these books. The first book I vividly remember from that time was "The Physician" by Noah Gordon. Still a great book, so you should read it if you have not yet!

While my mum has a lot of medieval books, I recently came upon Victorian novels. I somehow found the blog of Charlotte - Gaiety-Girl- who writes novels about Victorian times herself and gives interesting insights into former times (unfortunately in German only). Before her, I was not aware that English Victorian royalty was tattooed or what interesting lifes young women at that time had! She really encouraged me to read some historical novels from that time!

The book I review today was actually won be me in her giveaway! The title is "Haunting Violet" by Alyxandra Harvey and it is about a young women called Violet Willoughby. Violet helps her mother who holds fake seances for rich people and lives off of their money. Her mother forces the unwilling Violet to also work as a fraudulent medium and her adoptive "brother" Colin works hand in hand with both in making "ghosts" appear.

But suddenly, Violet starts being visited by a real ghost. The ghost insists on Violet doing detective work to find the person who is responsible for her death. All the while, Violet finds herself in love with two dapper young men and trying to keep her very first friendship alive!

The book was a nice read, again the story is intended for young adult readers. The story has some unexpected turns, the obligatory love story doesn't up take too much of the time. I liked how accurate the time is described, wit the frenzy of supernatural seances and the tricks that frauds used to cheat people of their money. The book contains some creepy scenes, but is nowhere as freaky or gore-y as the Monstrumologist series. The characters are sometimes a bit flat, but the story itself is interesting enough to keep you going. I really liked to read it and I can recommend it to anyone who is interested in Victorian times and Ghost stories!

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