Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 29 – What do you think will happen to Goth in the future?

I don't know. It seems to me as if there is a trend to go back to the origins at the moment, with more black, more lace and more velvet.

There might be return of the dreaded crushed velvet, which I find rather cheap looking and horrible to sew.

I see that even in Cyber, the amount of neon colours is fading and a general trend to black and white is obvious.

Steampunk might be visible for thenext few years, but then return to be a small subscene.


linnea-maria said...

Nice post. I have noticed lots of 80's dressed goths. short brimmed hats, cure hair etc.

MindLess said...

@ linnea-maria: That's right, there is also a trend in the general population for 80s clothes. Maybe gothics adapt the current trends to their own needs?

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

ARGH! I can't stand crushed velvet!!!

MindLess said...

@ Vulcan Butterfly: Yup, crushed velvet is a fabric that is not only horrible to sew, but aso looks rather cheap!