Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 27 – The worst thing you ever did to a newbie.

I'm not evil. I do not do mean stuff unless provoked. I might have judged outfit and appearance, but usually Newbies give me warm feelings in the chest and remind me how great it was to encounter the gothic scene when I was young.

So instead of the worst thing, I'd like to tell you a story how I helped a newbie to better style. I was sitting in the Matrix with a friend and we were people watching. A baby bat was coming down the stairs in full baby bat dress (pleather coat, velvet shirt, swirls around his eyes, white facepaint -not on the ears and neck- and black lip stick). I said something to my friend about the outfit, especially the black lipstick which I find horrible on almost all people. The baby bat heard me talking and came to our table. He asked why we were discussing the outfit he wore.

And my friend and I told him about also putting on make up behind the ears and on the neck, that black lipstick is hard to pull off and how nostalgic we were when seeing him walking around like that. We then told him aout our rookie mistakes (mismatching stripes was my favourite! ^^) and when we met him next time, he had much more style! Win for all of us... ;)

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