Friday, August 2, 2013

Week in Review 31/2013

What did I see?
I saw Oblivion yesterday. Can't say I'm too impressed. The visuals were nice, but the whole story was quite unlogical, taken together from several other good movies (Matrix, Odyssey 2000, Resident Evil) and had a large Scientology ideology thumbprint.

What did I listen to?
Aesthetic Perfection - Living the wasted life (please ignore the dancer, he's not that good)

What did I ask myself?
Why can't I make time for sports right now? Well, too many social meeting, I need to take care of mself...

What did I read?
Nothing. I didn't have much time for myself this week...

What did I work on?
A dress and a shirt for my boyfriend. Which are not fully finished yet.

I was happy about...
Making dome more progress at work. And that my colleague got her contract!

I was annoyed about...
The heat. I'm melting. I can't even focus!

I bought...
I was fabric shopping!

1 comment:

Wollmaus said...

Looking forward to seeing your boyfriend in the dress :P