Thursday, August 15, 2013

UFO pile - Pouches and buckets

Another thing that needed some time on the UFO pile was the pouches and buckets I originally sewed to give away. I planned to start early - you know how Christmas always comes around with a bang and you have bunches to sew/DIY but no time? I thought that by cutting and sewing some smaller things in February, I would be way ahead of time... Wrong! Well, I was ahead of time and I even finished some of them, but no nearing headline made me kind of lazy and I put the things away in February to "sew it later". Talking about famous last words...

But this week I finally sewed them. Cutting the stuff (as far as I remember *blush*) was pretty fast forward. I used several tutorials from crafster (by the way and amazing resource with bunches of information and inspiration) for the 3 kinds of pouches and buckets.

At first the fabric buckets. Those are pretty cool because they can house the stuff that I always laying around and has no good "spot" to stay. I use mine for the current DIY stuff, so I have my materials at hand in one spot when I decide I'm willing to hand sew again. My aunt uses hers to keep guest towels in her second bathroom. Cutting and sewing was really easy and the tutorial allows to adapt the size to your needs.

 photo ST831764_zpsf1660e93.jpg

 photo ST831763_zpse53851b3.jpg

Next where the triangular pouches. These were great to cut and sew, really easy and look rather professional on the first trial. They are a bit smaller, but still fit some Ultimate Frisbee supply for my boyfriend or a bunch of pens. A great tutorial which I will probably use again!

 photo ST831765_zps60ebaee3.jpg

 photo ST831766_zps0ba622e7.jpg

At last I also sewed some rectangular pouches. Those were my least favourites as they require hand sewing... *blergh* They cut easily, look really nice, but in the end they were what made me put the other stuff together with them on the UFO pile... Nothing bad to say about the pattern though, they look nice and the pattern works like a charm!

 photo ST831761_zpsbf9177c2.jpg

 photo ST831762_zpsdd29e174.jpg

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