Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer dress number 2

As you can see from the very creative titles, it is still too warm for me here. While cutting the other summer dress from the black jersey, I stumbled upon this paisley pattern jersey. It was my third piece of fabric on a "3 for 2" sale because I really liked the pattern. But the fabric itself feels kind of strange and it didn't go away with washing (as I hoped). I don't know how often I will wear this, but it certainly looks nice! ^^

 photo ST831748_zpsd3dbeb2b.jpg

Again, no in progress pictures as the heat melted my intelligence away before I took any. Maybe next time?!


Jade said...

What a lovely dress! :) Weird how for my eye the fabric looks rather thick, like it was more like an autumn dress. But I guess it is light to wear? That is really handy, since most goth-clothes are usually thick fabric or it seems like there is a tendency to prefer thick (looking) fabrics.

MindLess said...

@ Jade: No, the fabric is thin like t-shirt jersey! You are right, most gothic fashion are focused on stiff or heavy fabrics like velvet or knits. I guess it suits the military and dark punk aestethics better...