Monday, July 15, 2013

Bedazzle my shazzle

I don't know if you remember the Bedazzler which is/was a product to fix rhinestones or studs in clothes. The tool even had a really funny appearance in "Malcolm in the Middle" where Louis looses her mind and just bedazzles everything in reach! I loved watching those commercials, although my style is rather sleek and not blingy...

Anyway, when my mum showed me her rhinestone motives (to iron on, not as fancy as the Bedazzler ^^), I asked her for the motives I liked best. This weekend while I was sick at home, I couldn't do large projects, but simply ironing on some rhinestones was fine! So I took a simple sleeveless shirt and the iron and got started!

 photo ST831700_zps47bb399e.jpg

The motive I chose was glittery wings in grey rhinestones. The rhinestones are fixed on a clear foil. This made placement really easy!

 photo ST831703_zps502c4e80.jpg

I simply ironed the bling on and let it cool down for about 5 minutes (as requested by the manufacturer's handbook). I could then remove the foil and had bling wings!

 photo ST831705_zps94d08654.jpg

 photo ST831706_zps599e4e3a.jpg

 photo ST831707_zps189f7e26.jpg


Insomniac’s Attic said...

This made me laugh - I just got rid of my Bedazzler!

I bought it to make a cowboy shirt for my mom that was covered in rhinestones - she wore it every Stampede and it was her favourite. Once she passed, I gave away the shirt, too. I could never bring myself to wear it. ;o)

The angel wings are much nicer than the creation I made, let me tell you!

MindLess said...

@ Insomniac’s Attic: Oh wow, you had a Bedazzler? That's so cool! And it's good that it gave you such a nice memory, even though you would not wear the shirt yourself...