Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Barcelona - Part 2

On Sunday, I did some major sightseeing by using one of those "Hop on- Hop off" bus tours. Actually, I went to Parc de Güell by foot, but my feet hurt so much from all the walking that I mostly sat through the tour... So, Parc de Güell. If you plan going there, I recommend to do this soon (as I heared rumors that they plan to take a fee soon) and come from the back (using the metro station Vallcarca instead of Jesseps) where you have a great view on the city and can eat a sandwich in peace with the locals! The park is a famous project of Gaudi and Güell, who planned a recreational block where one could live and thrive. Unfortunately, no one bought any houses, so now there are only 2 - one where Gaudi lived and a second house for Comte Güell! The market space was especially lovely, with mosaic benches. I only took pictures from underneath, as the place was crawling with tourists!

 photo 20130602_134500_zps043b7d2f.jpg

 photo 20130602_135739_zps52d2122b.jpg

 photo 20130602_140947_zpsf4672f50.jpg

 photo 20130602_140951_zps243627a2.jpg

While doing the tour I mostly forgot to take pictures - oops ! (But you can find a lot of Gaudi if you just google for Barcelona pictures). I only have some from Sagrada familia, a church that Gaudi started but never finished as he was overrun by a train. It is still under construction! I also took a picture of the old bull fighting arena which is still in use and houses a bull fighting museum. Since I don't want to give money to such causes, I just looked at the building from the outside! And a picture of one of Comte Güell's many houses.

 photo 20130601_121033_zpsf61ccb0c.jpg

 photo 20130601_123527_zps5db2e72e.jpg

 photo 20130601_163538_zps6704c4ee.jpg

Afterwards I went to the beach. I'm not a surfer girl, being pale and not a bikini model, but I love beaches and the sea. Unfortunately, almost all people in Barcelona seem to agree... I was told that in nearby villages, the beach is less crowded, but well...

 photo 20130602_174801_zpsa8120225.jpg

 photo 20130602_174715_zpsc9ee75dd.jpg

Near the beach and harbor, there was also a promenade with sellers and bars. I was quite surprised when I suddenly heard opera music, but I soon found a sand castle with a screen where one could watch a concert of the opera in Vienna while laying in beach chairs... I also saw a pirate ship in the harbor which looked pretty cool.

 photo 20130602_190523_zps9263cec4.jpg

 photo 20130602_200141_zps463a56c4.jpg

All in all, I can recommend doing the bus tour (26 Euro for a full day ticket), it was quite nice driving around and having an explanation for the stuff you see and the opportunity to just get off and visit stuff. Visiting stuff on the other hand is expensive, so I didn't visit many of Gaudi's famous buildings. I just looked at them from the outside and didn't miss much - I think! The Sagrada familia church was 16 Euros (here I recommend booking your ticket only, it spares you a 45-60 minute wait in the sun), the Gaudi buildings all around 10-15 Euros. So in the end, I guess visiting the beach (free!), mount Tibidabo (around 10-15 Euros) or the olympic mountain (with the bus or by foot, also free) gives you the same fun but for much less cost... So, I now conclude my travel diary with a hearty "I'll be back!".

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