Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shoes exhibition in Leipzig

During WGT, I visited an exhibition at the Grassi Museum für angewandte Kunst which was centered around shoes. The exhibition is called "Starker Auftritt" (= strong entrance, but in the German version there is a strong connotation of shoes). Right in the beginning of the exhibition, this was made very clear by this crazy gold statue:

 photo 20130519_132954_zps1864b5e4.jpg

The shoes were all kinds of crazy, ranging from plain cuts of leather which were wrapped around the feet with bands to shoes pinched with millions of pins or shoes to play games on.

 photo 20130519_133516_zpsd517957e.jpg

 photo 20130519_133223_zps87cc5f83.jpg

 photo 20130519_133117_zps47b9de47.jpg

If you happen to be in Leipzig while the exhibition is still open, I can recommend going there. It is not a large exhibition, but if you check each shoe individually, you can stay there for 1-2 hours!

 photo 20130519_132801_zps7e46a1e7.jpg

 photo 20130519_132939_zps634edeca.jpg

 photo 20130519_132741_zpsff499ac2.jpg

I also found the perfect shoes for my 7 sins outfit, unfortunately a day late:

 photo 20130519_133721_zpsce412a06.jpg


Insomniac's Attic said...

They would have been perfect, wouldn't they? :D

MindLess said...

@ Insomniac's Attic: As if they were made for that outift! ^^