Monday, March 4, 2013

Yet more jewelry - What happened?!

Due to my sickness (blargh, again!), I didn't do much this weekend. So posts will be a bit sparse this week, sorry for that! But I did have another jewelry making session on Sunday. I know, I know: Where is the girl that can't do fiddly stuff? Where is the girl who claimed that "jewelry making is not her thing"? It still isn't. I'm still struggling placing small rhinestones on stuff. But my friends help and the amount of jewelry making pieces we own together is overwhelming!

I made some earrings with the nail polish cameo method:

 photo ST831643_zps6edfc571.jpg

A brooch with a skull cameo and flower leafs from my friend:

 photo ST831644_zps80cd349c.jpg

A ring with a small cameo an rhinestones:

 photo ST831646_zps40c4be48.jpg

And a red glittery spider hair bow:

 photo ST831639_zps966c861a.jpg


Caitlin said...

That spider bow is adorable!

MindLess said...

@ Caitlin: Thanks! And it matces my fascinator from last year's WGT! ;)