Monday, February 11, 2013

The world of the Celts exhibition in Stuttgart

Last year already, I visited the World of the Celts in Stuttgart, Germany. I'm a bit late on the reporting since the exhibition is closing on Sunday this week, but I stumbled upon the blog entry of "Werkelwut" who said that she was rather disappointed with the exhibition and I completely disagree. I really liked it and even took some (illegal) pictures with my cell phone of the stuff I liked most!

She mentioned it was full and this may be due to the coming closing date, but when I visited the exhibition in October last year, I had no waiting time and could spend as much time close to the objects as I wanted. I even felt quite alone in the second part of the exhibition! The exhibition is split into two parts: The Celtic Life - Centres of Power ( in the archäologische Landesmuseum Baden-Württembergs) and The Celtic arts and culture (in the main Museum of Stuttgart). For both exhibitions together, the entry fee was 15 Euro (but only 3 Euro for students!).

Werkelwut only visited the Celtic Life - Centres of Power which was the less interesting one in my eyes. They had some nice displays how the Celts fought and moved along the country and some 3D animations of Celtic buildings, but in general the other part excited me more. I agree with her, that the displays in this part were lacking and did not really capture the interest...

 photo 20121005_165524_zps4dc2e644.jpg

 photo 20121005_165327_zps50ff658f.jpg
A full goat skin to transport water and some tools

But the exhibition part about Celts as a culture and art creating population with detailed information about the symbols used on weapons and cult objects as well as Celtic jewelry blew me away! I always read tales of other folks and countries as a child and was really fascinated by the Celtic stories. But to see how they were able to make detailed carvings and metal decorations opened a whole new view for me!

 photo 20121005_141631_zps19dd8059.jpg

 photo 20121005_141914_zps60f9e1b5.jpg
Women's toiletries

I always tend to underestimate old cultures. When I visited the bronze age Knowth in Brú na Bóinn (Ireland), I was surprised how they could move such huge blocks of stone.When I saw the Brochs near Glenelg (Scotland) I realised how much human culture was capable of when they detected Iron as a metal. But still, these old pieces that endured so much time make happy to be part of the human culture and grateful for all the inventions and cultural views humans invented. So much for the gloomy gothy mood, I have to admit that being part of a social society has it's advantages! ;)

 photo 20121005_140306_zps18d0eb3e.jpg
Glass bracelets in different colours from yellow to blue

 photo 20121005_135757_zpsfc403ee4.jpg

I was even more surprised when I saw that they presented some extra information about weaving techniques and fabric colours with actual fabric woven from the Celts surviving until now! The ornamented fibles (a bit like modern days security pins) were also fascinating. 

 photo 20121005_135018_zpsa20402da.jpg

 photo 20121005_135737_zps4f5eed53.jpg

They also displayed figures with full on arms or jewelry that Werkelwut missed in the other exhibition. She is right, it is a lot more impressive to see some figure wearing all the stuff that seeing it laying around in a display!

 photo 20121005_134811_zps3e3c7ae4.jpg

 photo 20121005_134648_zpse5092faa.jpg

I have to say, I really liked the exhibition, learned a lot and if you have time this weekend, go visit the one part of the exhibition in the main museum and skip the power exhibition. Or visit both!


Die Werkelwütige said...

Thank you for this article. It really seems like I missed the good part of the exhibition.
Are you sure about the student price of 3 €?
I paid 13 € showing my student identity card!
I'm definitly thinking about visiting "TREASURES OF ART" this weekend. But since it's the last weekend of the exhibition it will be crowded as well.

MindLess said...

@ Werkelwütige: Yes, I was surprised as well! I already had my 15 Euro at hand and when I asked about a student rebate, I was told that it cost only 3 Euro. I remeber so clearly because I thought I misheared and asked again!

Maybe they were wrong?! Not that I would complain... ;)