Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oberhausen SeaLife

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I spent some quality time together in Oberhausen where we visited the SeaLife centre. We bought this year's Ruhr.Topcard which costs 50 Euro but offers a lot of free entrance into several Museums, sights and baths here in the Ruhr Area. This was actually the first time using it with me being sick and some meetings with friends, but we are trying to get some bang for our buck! SeaLife would have cost about 17 Euro per person...

Surprisingly (at least for me) we had to wait about 30 min for the entrance, I didn't think that during Karneval (a German tradition which includes dressing up like Halloween and parades that throw candy) many people would visit other attractions... Stupid me, this was our line:

 photo ST831588_zpse5e7e081.jpg

We then entered SeaLife and saw plenty of fish, crabs, corals and even otters!

 photo IMG_0120_zpsa3a945df.jpg

 photo IMG_0088_zps1cbe6f57.jpg

 photo IMG_0038_zps9920bc30.jpg

 photo IMG_0031_zps90f2d897.jpg
Paul, the octopus. He predicted soccer results during the last world championship. And he's cute!

 photo IMG_0019_zpse7d84fe5.jpg

 photo IMG_0008_zps1140004d.jpg
Ombre anemone
 photo IMG_0064_zpsc95b9d19.jpg
Otters! Under the red light!
I even wore matching makeup for the occasion, inspired by beach and water:

 photo IMG_0158_zpsda1e7e37.jpg

 photo IMG_0155_zps828ffcb6.jpg

All in all, the trip was nice, but not worth 17 Euro. We spent about 1 1/2 hours in there and we we not hurrying - the boyfriend hat to take pictures of everything that moved! ^^ Since we omitted the entrance fee with the Ruhr.Topcard it was okay, but otherwise I would be a bit disappointed!

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