Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More jewelry, more shiny things

As I said on Friday in the review of last week, I made some more jewelry. The nail polish jewelry is the perfect thing to do while watching TV. You start watching your episode after searching all of your supplies:
  • acrylic glass cabochons
  • nail polish in various colours
  • settings for said cabochons
  • quick setting glue
  • chains + pair of tongs
  • rings
  • closure
  • lace
  • hot glue gun + glue (try to never be out of glue sticks, I usually come up with great ideas when the glue is gone!)
So, you start watching your TV show, be it a episode of a series you love or a whole movie. During the first add break, you will add the first layer of nail polish to your cabochons. I get about 5-6 done.

Next add break, next layer of nail polish. The time between the add breaks is usually enough to dry the nails polish! I don't need more than three layers of polish, so this takes up 3 add breaks.

In the fourth add break, I'll glue the cabochon to the setting with fast setting glue. When only watching one episode (of Bones for example), this is it. If I watch a movie, I usually have 2 more add breaks.  So I can continue...
  1. For a choker: In the next add break, I'll cut enough lace to wrap around my neck. I sew on ribbons for closure or press on the metal snap buttons (see picture below, I believe they are called CAM snaps?!). Last add break, and the only thing that is left to do is to glue the cabochon (in the setting) to the lace for my choker. 
 photo ST831625_zps80fae88c.jpg
 photo ST831627_zpsfe950d1b.jpg

 photo ST831622_zpsee1961dd.jpg
  1. Or, if I want to do a chain instead of a choker: In the first add bread, I'll cut the chains with the tongs to the length I want and add rings to the cabochon setting. In the last add break, I will put the chains in the rings and close the rings. At last, I'll add the closure to the chain.
 photo ST831621-Kopie_zps56fea1ef.jpg

 photo ST831622_zps9d73b880.jpg

  photo ST831623_zps2c880602.jpg


Neisella Nightshade said...

Ooooooh, das blaue Schmuckstück ist ja toll! Maaaaaaaag ich seeeehr <3

MindLess said...

Das blaue ist eigentlich grün, nur meine Kamera fotografiert halt doof...