Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A simple jersey dress?

I detected an awful lack of comfortable black jersey dresses in my stash and decided to use up a bit of the jersey I still had at home.

 photo ST831601_zpse074dee4.jpg

I made the pattern myself which was not very hard to do:
  • I traced a well-fitting sleeveless shirt -front and back- for the top part and cut it just below my bust (of course leaving a seam allowance!)
  • Next I just draw from the top part in a wide rectangle form (again: Folks, don't forget about seam- and hem allowances! I tired that and ended up with a long top that doesn't cover my ass... -.-)
  • At last I cut a strip of jersey that was 4cm wide and about 1.2m long to use as fake seam binding
I started sewing one shoulder seam with the overlock. Then I sewed the fake seam binding strip to the neck with the overlock. After closing the second shoulder seam, I serged on the fake bias binding to both arm holes. Now you just close the side seams. If you are lazy, you are done now. For a fancy finish of the hem, get out your twin needle and hem the dress. And you are done in almost no time!


Wollmaus said...

Das war der Geistesblitz, den ich für mein Kleid brauchte: der Ausschnittsversäuberungsstreifen lässt sich ja auch direkt mit der Overlock annähen! Wenn ich dich nicht hätte...

MindLess said...

@ Wollmaus: Wenn es einen faulen Weg gibt, kenne ich den! ^^