Friday, August 31, 2012

Week in Review 35/2012


Turmion Katilöt - Usch! They are a Finnish Metal band who sounds a bit like Rammstein...

Didn't even read one line for pleasure, but about 100 scientific papers.

A lot of eating out this week, all of it Italian!

Not my week. The Journal rejected paper (for stupid reasons), so much work before going on holidays, loosing my EC card and student ID... Thank goodness the week is almost over!

Some sportswear and the red lacy stuff I already presented. Unfortunately, the long hours at work kept me from the sewing machine during the week...

Color by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last bit of lace - inserted in retro panties

The last bit of red lace (and by last I mean, I've thrown away scraps under 10cm²) went into this beauty here:

Forgive me the horrible picture which was taken in the evening. I also promise to write a review on the pattern I used, but currently work is overwhelming and I will have holidays next week!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Racy lace

When I saw the lace for the first time, my initial idea was not the lace bolero but rather a floor length dress with a huge slit up the side. I loved that the lace seemed revealing but not too see through for this project since some of you may remember that my figure resembles a horse more that a gazelle...

full length


Next to the lace I only used my label and black elastic bias tape I already had in my stash. The pattern was again a fitting shirt for the to part which I elongated. Nothing exciting, but a quick a rewarding project. Which in addition left only small bits of lace, so I didn't have to put this lace on the increased stash list for this month!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gothy lace bolero

I had a rather productive weekend. At least when I met with Neisella and Meara, before sunday I was merely lying around lazyly, not doing much except planning what I should and indeed could do. The only thing I got around to was cutting some stuff I would "sew later". Surprisingly, I actually did sew them this same weekend! So I made this gothy and ruffly bolero: 


back with label

arm ruffle

ruffly hem

I got this wonderful red stretchy lace from my favourite sewing forum. And this weekend I used it up already which is good for my fabric stash. I used no pattern, but used a t-shirt for tracing the body and sleeve heads.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday cake? - Tiramisu

This weekend I was lusting for something more creamy and gooey than cake or cookies. So I decided to make Tiramisu instead. My mum gave me her recipe when I moved out, and it tastes as good as her version despite some improvisation!

I used only half Mascarpone (other half Quark which is a kind of cream cheese) and instead of Amaretto I used marzipan flavouring and good 15 year old whiskey. Neither I nor the boyfriend drink Amaretto, so buying a full 0.75l bottle for making Tiramisu every 3-4 years seemed rather wasteful.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zombie Saturday - Zombie rape analogy

If you think this is funny, please keep in mind that this strip is actually tryying to show the double standards towards rape in todas society. While a man decides to rape, a women is given part of the blame for "wearing short skirts" or "flirting". Unfortunately for this argument, women are raped in skimpy clothes societies as well as wearing Burkas... For more information on this topic, check

Especially in the light of recent discussions - started by the congressman Todd Akin, who claimed that “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” trying to argument for a persecution of abotions in the US- this topic is as important as it can get. His argumentation that if a woman gets pregnant from rape she secretly wanted to be raped is wrong on so many levels I can hardly discuss. Kate Clancy from the Scientific American already did a science based approach why we all should work on eliminating rape culure...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Week in Review 34/2012


Kraftklub "Songs für Liam" - Because the world sometimes is indeed better when you are kissed!

Last Saturday I visited *Wollmaus* and she (as well as Trisha who was also around) urged me to read Matt Ruff books. She insisted and even lent me two of them, so I'm currently reading "Sewer, Gas & Electrics. The Public Works Trilogy". Very freaky but interestingly written!

Nothing spectacular. But I ate my "5 a day" and a lot of Valess Schnitzel!

Still on the streak. I didn't think that such small things would motivate me so much! But now I need more hours to the day. More motivation than time...

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice! ^^ Bloomers and a shoulder wrap, and I recieved some fabrics from *Wollmaus* which just cry for being turned into garments!

Color by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sneak peek

This week I recieved an envelope from my friend Mamsell Chaos with a new project she designed. I volunteered to be a test seamstress!

Can you guess what this will be?! ^^

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beetlejuice collar

To get rid of the leftover fabric I had from the beetlejuice bloomers I showed yesterday, I did a quick and easy ruffle collar. These are really easy to sew and are a cute accessory when going away partying!

It really doesn't take much to sew them: You have to cut a rectangle of fabric or two (for this I did two, one 20cm wide, one 15cm wide), I usually take the full width of the fabric. Than you either just serge the hems or hem them properly - one could even decorate them with lace! I ruffle them separately by hand because my ruffle foot doesn't give my enough wham with this fabric since it is too smooth. After that I stitch 2m of ribbon into the middle. That's it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beetlejuice bloomers

Despite this weekend being horribly warm (I seem to be a silicium based troll, my brain doesn't function if the room temperature reaches 30°C) I sewed something. It's not big, it's not complicated, it's not THAT impressive, but I'm happy I at least did one thing right this weekend:

Beetlejuice bloomers! I got the pattern from *Wollmaus* and cut them on Saturday while having a great time with her and the vegetarian zombie MarySew. The fabric was in my stash, as well as the elastics and the red satin ribbon I added to the front. All said and done, I think I invested a solid hour in these. And I love them so much!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday cake - Almonds and wild berries

On friday - while it was not as unbearably hot as now with 36°C-, I made these muffins. I used my standard recipe, added 100g of shredded and toasted almonds and 500g of frozen mixed berries. Yummi and easy!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Week in review 33/2012


Good parody and I'm kind of in a bad project right now. Or let's say, I'm in several good projects which don't work. Either way, work is really annoying right now!

This week I got hooked on Neil Gaiman's writing by reading the "Graveyard book". It's an amazing about a boy whose family is murdered and who is then raised by a graveyard full of ghosts. Now I have to order the rest of Gaiman's books and read them, too!

Sushi! We went to Wasabi yesterday and enjoyed some raw fish. Unfortunately, the boyfriend felt sick today. Should I begin to worry?

So, I started to improve my lifestyle and the flat looks better. I'm going to sports and I get a wee bit more work done. I wonder how long this streak will last...

Had to take a lot of extra hours at work and the increasing amount of sports left no time for sewing. Bummer! -.-

Color by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BurdaStyle 9/2012

To my surprise, I had plenty of choice for the top three and really struggled to find three bad designs this issue of BurdaStyle! Hasn't happened in about a year! I'm really happy about this and might buy this issue despite hating to copy the patterns on paper and cutting them out...

As I mentioned above, I had a hard time deciding on my top three. Bronze goes to the smart little shift dress on the right. I like the use of a darker colour on the side panels which has a slimming effect. I also have to say that this pattern is really current since I saw a similar design at Butterícks and Vogue patterns. So Burda, thanks for providing a top notch pattern!
I liked a jacket pattern second best (which should come to no surprise to my regular readers) because it is inspired by men's wear and still looks rather feminine. I like that the designer took inspiration from smokings bit included some waist shaping. Could imagine this pattern for circus goth style with a stripey fabric and red collar!
I didn't really think that Burda could take a new twist on blouses (usually all designing is done by removing or adding different collars or sleeves), so the mustard blouse I liked best, took me by surprise. I like the slight asymmetry in closure and collar. The small bow adds some feminine detail and keeps the look from looking like an accident. The colour is on trend, the blouse looks great - I'd like to add that to my sewing list!

Now to the bad patterns which are not nearly as bad as in the previous issues: I included the skirt on the left because I don't think a pattern is necessary for a rectangle with a elastic sewn on top. This should be easy enough even for the worst beginners...
The pattern on second and first worst is technically the same. I included both version because I had a hard time to find enough bad patterns and I dislike specific details about both versions. The trench coat on the right lacks any waist shaping. Even if you add a belt to the coat, please do at least a little nip in at the waist, otherwise you either have to tie your belt every time you wear the coat or you will look bigger than you are!
This fault is even more obvious on the pattern in the middle where they omitted the belt. No shaping at all! And I dislike coats or jackets without a proper collar. I don't know why, they just look strange to me!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Restyle order

As you have seen yesterday in the  bags post, I ordered from again. I like the shop since most of the stuff there is not as overpriced, although the shipping is a hefty price to pay. On the other hand, insured international shipping always is a b*tch...  Here is what I got:

 The fancy jewelry: Two brooches (one with a raven skull, the other with ribcage), a skeleton hand and a bat "hairbow" with a red rhinestone. Neisella borrowed me her raven skull brooche at WGT and I fell in love! This is how the skeleton hand thingy looks in real life:

It's a bit small (and I do have small hands) but I love the look and think this will be a cool accessoir to a more mature and laid back party outfit...

A necklacke which arrvied broken but could soon be fixed with the help of a little superglue and some black nailpolish. Repaired version:

Another big item was the lace umbrella in black. I think I have to elongate the handle a bit since the umbrella is pretty short. Maybe I can saw it off and insert some additional 10cm form a wood stick?

Last but not least, the bag I presented yesterday. I'm in love! ^^

Monday, August 13, 2012

The professor's monthly homework - bags

This month's homework assignment from  Professeur Gothique was to show of our bags. While the Professeur moved on from pure gothic to a more rockabily style recently (and I'm a firm believer in doing stuff that makes you happy without a label), my collection looks rather gothy, I'm afraid! If you have some time and are interested in the history of arts and the impressive weight loss the Proffesseur did during this year's bat fit, I can highly recommend reading her blog. 

So, let's start with the baggy goodness! The first three bags I present here were sewn by yours truly. The rockabilly one with the tattoo print was made from leftovers after I sewed a pencil skirt. Isn't it amazing how much you can make from a measly yard of fabric?

The second bag was made from a fabric that I bought in my favourite sewing forum. I instantly fell in love with the cute kitty print, but soon after realised that I will probably never wear a garment made from this fabric... I then turned it into this handbag and a travel bag for cosmetics and tooth brush! It is lined with baby pink flanell which was leftover from my curtains...

The third bag is a zombie bag I sewed back int he day when I didn't even blog (which was before 2009. I'm getting old! ^^). It's made from pleather in two shades of purple. The pleather was a b*tch to sew, so unfortunately the outlines are not as clean as I would have liked...

Another self-sewn bag I love dearly was not sen from me. My friend Trisha made this amazing bag. Why is this amazing? Because it features a muffin print, is lined with the cutest white polkadots on baby pink and it has glitter and sweets moving freely in the flap! If I'm waiting for the bus (or if any crying children are around) this is the best past time ever!

Next we have a bag I've been lusting over since about a year when I first saw it on the tumblr of the lady of manners from Gothic Charm School. The main fabric is velvet, the sides are pleather. It is rather roomy, but I like my bags big (I don't carry small bags, it either fits in my pockets or needs a big bag anyway! ^^). It's sold by, but unfortunately it is currently sold out...


The last bag I'd like to show is my (under-) eye bag. I don't use this as often as I should, but It is kind of hard to match a bright green PVC cat eye with leopard print to any outfit! I saw this at a seller's booth on a goth market and needed to take this home. It was made by Tollkirsche which is a local designer team.

Now I'm really looking forward to see your bag collections!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Week in Review 32/2012


Rammstein "Keine Lust"

No book this week. Had a lot of other stuff to do and spent my nights watching movies with the boyfriend or sewing. I scrolled through Janet Arnold's Patterns of fashion part 1, though...

Quesadilla with onions, tomatoes and veggie minced meat

I'm doing better now but there is still some more motivation I need to find. Maybe I should check for better tools?

Baroqcoco skirt, a shirt and cushion covers. Nice to be back at the sewing machine!

Color by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baroque rococo?

Yesterday's project got me rid of almost 1m of baroque printed taffeta, but you will most likely remember I bought three more meters. This was not in the same white and black colourway but with black flock print on grey taffeta (Neisella, are you sick of it yet? I know you find flock print particularly cheap looking...):

Since the print is rather big, I thought it would look best when turned into a foundation garment. I turned it into an rococo petticoat (which will be worn under another over skirt with an open front) after a pattern I found on Marquise's page:

Best thing about this skirt is the closure, which is wrap around and leaves slits in the skirt to reach into our pocket hoops. Nifty design!

And another fabric bites the dust *sign*! Sing with me...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cushion covers old to new

In my attempt to reduce clutter - which unfortunately also includes fabric clutter which I lovingly call my "collection"- I'll try to sew the fabrics I bought last month into garments and decoration items before this month ends. I'll start with some quick sewing on 1m of the baroque taffeta...

It all started when the boyfriend noticed that the cushion covers for the living room I sewed when we just moved in were a bit faded. Faded might not be the right word, the were flocked and the flock rubbed off with continuous use. See what I mean?

They were both faded and grey looking, so I started to look for flockprint in the same pattern again. Which was not to be found, so I went for the next best option that at least matched our curtains (done in the same print as the original cushion covers)...

Both cushion covers are sewn easily with an envelope or flap closure. Easy-piesy and I was done in 30 minutes from start to finish! Still have about 30cm of the meter taffeta, though...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Minimalistic? Me?!

*Sorry, some deep thinking ahead. If you want to skip to merrier posts about clothes and sewing, return tomorrow, please!*

Inspired by my friend *Wollmaus*,  I recently started to reevaluate my life. Not just every aspect, but the materialistic parts. I know for a long time that possesions can weigh you down. Of course it is nice to have stuff at hand when you need it. Of course I like to dress a different dress every now and then. But on the other hand, clutter can take over your life. Your flat. Your stash.
I'm a bit torn between hording lovely fabrics and notions and keeping my room cleand and spacey enoguh to work and live there. Between sewing great robes to wear (not only at WGT, but our closeby disco Matrix also allows for decent overdressing) and having no place to store them. Between dressing gothy on weekends and "normal" during the working week, which requires more or less separate wardrobes which take up space in your closet, or reducing stuff down to one wardrobe...

Link to source
I try to fight the packrat tendencies I inherited from my mum. And I'm quite confident that I go the right path. I don't have much clutter on my book shelves. I reduce my electronic and othe kitchen gadgets to the ones I use and love.

But again, certain items will be collected. I love my extensive book collection and with a bibliophile boyfriend we have 4 big Billy shelves. And it might already be time for another one... In this area I will not reduce stash. I put some bad books into the open book shelf (my city has one in front of the theatre were everyone is free to bring and take books as they like), but the ones I love and might re-read will stay. I'm no fan of electronic books, I like the feel and smell of real books.

What about my wardrobe? I roam through it every once in a while (every 3-4 months, actually) and pare down on stuff I don't wear anymore or never wore. *Wollmaus* said that she puts out everything that she didn't wear for another six month after her last stash reduction. Which is not feasible for me when it comes to gothic clothes. Sometimes I fall in love with a skirt I haven't worn for years...

cleaned out two of these, despite the thoughts above...

And what about stuff like the steampunk coat or my regency outfit? I doubt I will re-wear them anytime soon. I will try to utilise the room under my bed (which is not big since the kitchen floor takes up half of it and there is also a suitcase full of fabrics). I already started sewing bags for the clothes from leftover fabrics and will store them in hope I will not forget about them.

Any other suggestions?