Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One lovely blog award!

Yesterday I recieved an award from kakuidori, a fellow goth from Germany. I'm really flattered, thanks a lot! She started reading my blog not long ago and seems to like what I write... ;) The award is given under the condition that I 'list seven things about yourself and then tag 15 other bloggers for the award':
  1.  I'm currently in Munich and working on some PhD stuff. Before I was a bit close minded about bavarians, but being here they are very freindly and even try to speak "proper" german when talking to me. So much for me and being tolerant... -.-'
  2. Being away for two weeks let me realise I miss my sewing machine almost as much as my boyfriend. While we (my Singer and me) have ups and downs, I really sewed a lot during the last months. 
  3. At the same time I think about buying a new sewing machine from my christmas allowance. I even thought about a combined sewing / embroidery machine, although they are quite expensive. How comes I always want to spend money when I don't have any at hand?
  4. I'm panicking a bit about not being done with all my outfits until WGT. Right now I spend two weeks doing nothing for them... Of course I know I don't have to go naked, but I have a lot of "nothing to wear" in my closet!
  5. On a less shallow note: I seem to be more geeky than I thought. I could easily keep talking with the guys here about roleplaying, computer games, heavy metal music and obscure american comic shows. After taking a peak at 9gag.com, I think I need some nerd glasses, suspenders and too short pants! *geek laugh*
  6. I like having time for myself. I'm by no means a boring stay at home everyday person, but I need rest days were I am mostly alone. This keeps me from getting snappy and too sarcastic!
  7. During the last years, I found that I have an ever increasing list of friends. I keep some people really close to me despite how far apart we live. But even if I haven't seen some of my friends for a long time - years sometimes- I still would give my one and all for them. I add new friends to the list when I meet nice people, but the old ones rarely vanish... I feel very happy about my circle of people I like and trust!
 After pouring my heart out to all of you, I have to nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the award. Let'Äs see how far I come!
  1. First nomination goes to lovely Neisella! After her problems with the last corset she made, she seems back on the sewing wave! I miss her and look forward to our next sewing date at the end of this month!
  2. Another blogger dear to my heart is Paisleystern/*wollmaus*. I met her during my Bachelor thesis and after a rocky start, we still meet/like each other! She sews inspirational clothes that never look boring or mainstream...
  3. Since Marysew recently returned from Finland, I really look forward about her seven things about herself. Maybe she met some polarbears on the way or stole some vegan finish cake recipes?
  4. While Frizzi is relatively new to the blogging world, she is very creative. Her blog is a good resource for cooking/baking, diy stuff and sewing!
  5. Nachtkatze is a german blogger who sews amazing gothinc gowns. She recently started sewing historical men's wear like me, so I hope we can exchange some tipps!
  6. Another historical gothic seamstress is Tuahadedana. While I most seriously pronounce her nickname wrong and only met her very briefly in person, I am always awed by her creations!
  7. Although I don't do cosplay myself, I admire the thought and work that go into recreating any anime/comic character. Kiya Violet has recently finished one of my childhood idols from the series Sailor moon - Michiru!
  8. Before ette moved to Switzerland, I had the pleasure to meet her in person. She has awesome taste in clothes and keeps everyone entertained with her stories about Bern and it's people...
While I read a lot of blogs, I will cut my list here since I have to return to work on my cells. Please don't feel left out, but other bloggers also might want to nominate people...


Nachtkatze said...

Aber natürlich können wir das *g* Ich danke Dir vielmals für den Award :)

Neisella Nightshade said...

Aww, das ist ja lieb, danke *flausch*

Ich freu mich auch schon sehr auf unser Date! Wir sollten mal wieder n Sektchen köpfen ;-)

Frizzi said...

Vielen lieben Dank für den Award!