Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fabric balance sheet - March 2012

As I mentioned already in the last post about my stash, I didn't get much sewing done this month. Not only was I away from my sewing machine for 2 weeks, but since the weather is really nice, I find myself drawn to go outside and not sit inside hunched over some fabric. Plus I got really lazy with all hobbies when only having internet and tv to accompany me in Munich. But enough of this rant, let's see the facts!

    • 3.5mred-black tafeta
    • 3m dark red satin
    • 2m dark red cotton
    total damage: 8.5 m fabric

    Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
      • bustle skirt 2.8m
      • fabric buckets for my aunt 1m
      • bags for my friend 1m
      to the rescue: 4.8m farbic

      8.5m - 4.8m = 3.7 m fabric added to my stash this month

      This still leaves me with 1.8m less fabric since the start in January, but I really need either a bigger flat to store my stash or get rid of some meters (which leaves me with a need for a bigger wardrobe, but that's an entirely different problem!)... Since it is only about 50 days until WGT 2012, I really have to get my sewing mojo back. Not only do I have to reduce the meters I bought, but I also would like to wear something when out in public!


      Neise||a said...

      Wir sehen uns ja dieses Wochenende (steht das Date noch?), dann wird dein Mojo angefeuert ^.^

      linnea-maria said...

      Your post about your attempt to reduce your fabric stash is very inspirational. It's nice to see all the things you are creating in only one month. So Inspired by you(and I mentioned you) I made a post of this.