Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 Day challenge - Day 7

Four memories you won’t forget
  1. Traveling in Burma/Myanmar. Beautiful country, precious buildings, nice people - but a very surpressive regiem. We were guarded by soldiers with machine guns all around the hotel; We never knew if they should keep dangers out or us fenced in... Our guides were always careful when talking about the gouvernment, but told us some inconvinient truths about being allowed to leave the country only once and killed tourists that traveled in the wrong regions. Makes me very happy about living in a secure and not-repressive country!
  2. Handing in my Bachelor's thesis. I worked every waking hour during the last days because we had a blinded study and only got the results one week before deadline. Paisleystern and I worked really hard and were so stressed, but the releave after handing in was tenfold of my Master's thesis. I kind of wonder about my PhD, if it will be better or worse...
  3. My first concert (Subway to Sally, somewhen 2001/2002-ish). I had no ticket but the concert was sold out when we arrived, so the mum who drove us gave me her ticket and stayed in the car. It was great, nice folks around me, the sound was good and the location was so crowded that during the concert the sweat condensed at the ceiling and rained down again. It was so much fun and for years, Subway to Sally was the best live band to me!
  4. Meeting my boyfriend. My gay best friend introduced us after he was turned down (he still denies flirting with the boyfriend, but it was obvious). We danced the night away, and started kissing before I even knew his name. It was wonderful!

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kakuidori said...

what a sweet mom :-D nice memories ^_^