Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Day challenge - day 1

10 facts about yourself:

  1. I love animals. I'm really happy to have pets at home (my two gerbils killer and spike), but one day I'd love to have cats again!
  2. Recently, I found my first white hair. No, it's not grey, it is truely white! It still resides at my eyebrow, because I don't want to pluck my first sign of wisdom and age! ^^
  3. Although I have the same resolutions every year, I fail every year in getting a better person in the way I planned. I still like me, but I could be better...
  4. I like sewing, but I rarely wear my pieces in normal life. I wear my gothic/party clothes a lot, but somehow I end up wearing H&M, Zara and co.
  5. I love wrapping gifts. I put a lot of effort even in "Schrottwichtelgeschenke" (white elephant for unwanted gifts) with nice paper and bows!
  6. While I was utterly chaotic asa child, I now get annoyed by stuff lying around. I still am a lot messier than many friends, but I clean up my floor (and the living room!) at least once a week.
  7. I take good care of my pets, but I'm horrible at taking care for plants. I sometimes forget to water them for weeks. I have some survivors - plants that withstand my care for several years now- but basil and chive usually die within weeks.
  8. I'm really happy that I have a job I love most of the time. Of course I get annoyed by boring tasks, I don't like working on weekends even if the conference I attend is interesting, but all in all I love what I do and enjoy studying biology for my PhD!
  9. I own and read a lot of books. By a lot I mean ~40-50 books a year. I read in the train, in bed, while waiting, if the book is interesting enough I read while walking! Thank god I never run into anything with my nose hidden in a novel!
  10. My fingernails are always dirty. No matter what I do or how often I wash my hands, I can clean them whenever I take a look at them. I inherited this trait from my mum, who constantly looks at my nails and asks if I recently robbed a grave... ;)


MarySew said...

reading is sexy! and you are an awesome person, no need for this resolution next year :D

btw I am in Duisburg this weekend, with nothing to do (Saturday evening, all day Sunday) let me know if you have time to spare and wanna hang :D

MindLess said...

Sonntag klingt gut, Samstag bin ich bei meiner Chefin auf der Geburtstagsparty... Wo wollen wir uns treffen?