Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fabric balance sheet Feb-2012

This month I truely worked on getting rid of some meter! After a little chat with Neisella, I decided to include my mockups in the calculation. They might not be true projects, but the fabric nevertheless comes from my stash and will be gone (into the trash, not the wardrobe, that is)! This brings my balance gloriously on the right side...

  • 2m corduroy
  • 2m woolen fleece for outerwear
  • 2m thin woolen fabric
  • 6.5m black thin cotton
total damage: 12.5 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • 2 mockups for the boyfriend: 5m 
  • Steampunk jacket: 3m tafeta, 3m lining
  • WGT gone batty overskirt: 5m
  • work dress 2m
  • work skirt 1.5m
  • dragon plushy 0.5m
  • cardi/wrap pullover 2m
  • Owly (gift for *wollmaus*) - just a little bit leftover fabrics, does this count?
    • let's say: secret present+ owly 0.5m
  • corset mockup 0.5m
 to the rescue: 23m farbic (!!! ^^)

12.5m - 23m = 10.5 m fabric reduced from my stash this month

I can already tell you that next month I will be sewing less since I have a work excursion for two weeks. When I spent half of the month away from my sewing machine, I doubt that I can continue reducing my stash at this speed...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Workwear - shudder

Well, since I spend a big part of my month in a training camp for cell culture and functional assays, I somehow got inspired to sew something for my work wardrobe. I usually shy away from sewing work related stuff because I'm always afraid that my workmanship is not good enough and somebody might notice a loose thread I overlooked... *flush*

But since I already used both patterns before and was pretty happy with the results (and the cheap fabric in good quality from the secret fabric store in Münster was taking over my bedroom), I decided to give it a go. And honestly, I'm very happy with the results:

Skirt in stretchy woolen pinstripe, lined with kaki polyester lining (pattern)

Dress in dark grey thin wool, lined witht the same fabric (pattern Vogue)

I really did my best to work professionally here. I even handsewed both hems - definetely not my favourite past time! What do you think, can I wear them to a conference?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Man's wear for WGT part 1

Besides my outfit for WGT, my stylish boyfriend also wants to wear a handmade original. And since we have almost 3 months to go and there is absolutely no pressure to finish everything in time o.O, I decided to sew him something. For years he keeps on asking me to sew him a shirt with a very high collar. In fact, he keeps asking me since he saw the Merowinger Knot in Matrix 2:

I started out with the matching jacket. A while ago I ordered some patterns and he seems to have troubles to imagine the finished garment in a different fabric... He is also very sporty (plays Ultimate frisbee and goes to the gym 3-5 times a week) which is why bought jackets rarely fit him. So, it's mockup time! We started out with McCall's M4745, view B (double breasted):

Please ignore the horrible fabric (got it from my mum, but the weight is okay for jackets) and the half jacket-ness.

 The first three pictures show the original pattern in size XL without any changes. While the shoulders are okay (the measurement I chose the size for), the rest is huge. Especially in the waist, BF seems to be more of an M. Same mockup pinned to his measurements:

The sleeve still needs a lot of work. And since the pattern has princess seams in the back, taking out the width would be no fun. Would be as in "BF suddenly realises that the standing collar doesn't allow for the Merowinger Knot and he wants another pattern". So much fun! *roll eyes*

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday cake - Marble cupcakes

Since I made them yesterday and I was in a hurry on my way to my RPG group, I only have a picture of a cupcake wraper for you. But rest assured, they were delicious!s

And I also made maccarones with Neisella last sunday during our sewng date. The green colour doesn't look better than the red one, to be honest. Does anyone have a recommendation for bright food colours? Especially ones that don't fade a lot during heating?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Week in review 8/2012


for my German readers, a version not yet taken down by GEMA

"Somebody like you" by Adele. Really sad but a nice song. I generally like her voice a lot!

I didn't start the hunger games trilogy yet, but I'm halfway through Collector by Markus Heitz. Pretty good scifi book which was recommended by my boyfriend. I decided to take the hunger games with me on my working trip since the pages are thin but plenty!

I need to get more creative in this area. And find food colour that doesn't make my maccarones look like salmon bites or oger snore... But let's say: Pancakes, hearty and sweet!

Doing good for other people also does yourself good!

Ruffling, ruffling for miles... And some really ugly fabric turned into okay-ish garments.

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Spending all your money on me...

... what're you gonna do with all that cash, all that cash inside your trunk?" Black eyed peas, "My humps"

Sorry for the musical excursion! I swear I usually don't spend so much money on stuff. Actually, I'm saving currently fro WGT and my working trip to Munich. But I needed some stuff for sewing and so I got it! Total damage ~ 80 Euro...

wider steel boning (1,7cm), 10m total
black busk - for a corset from the brocade fabric I got in January
2nd steampunk pattern
cupcake stand from accessoirize - wanted to buy this at halloween, now it was 70% off

Soooo pretty, isn't it?

And you can reassemble it anytime, otherwise it stores flat!

venice lace, normal lace and spikes

I think I need to iron the lace, it keeps rolling

organdy ribbon, air dry clay and red glitter

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Did I say that I can't make jewelry?

I know I always said that I was not able/willing to prepare fiddly small things for jewelry. I even gave away all the stuff I bought to hands that are more able (Niniel Chan) and promised myself not to buy any more. But I found a way to sneak around the fiddly bits and hereby present:

My first necklaces.

Yay for pushing my boundaries and actually preparing something from stuff lying in my drawers far too long!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dragon plushy

Do you remember this post from -ahem- february last year? When I showed an almost finished dragon made from silk and cotton velvet I bought at the Kreativflohmarkt about 6 month before?

Well, it is finally finished! Talking about procrastination? How did you guess my second name? I just sewed the wings to the body, filled it, did some handstitches and added the eyes... It will be a birthday present for my friend Ey in Bremen. It is already on it's way...

Daylight pic with realistic colours but still without eyes

He attacked the boyfriend for a hug

with it's eyes, minutes before shipping

Friday, February 17, 2012

Week in Review 7/2012


Just because I can't get that dam**d song out of my head! *grrrrr*

"Harry Potter and the half-blood prince" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" by J.K. Rowling. Aaaaaaand I'm done! Next on my reading list is the hunger games trilogy...

Since I'm currently too sick to eat, I'll just happily talk about the pasta with garlic, chillies and scampi I ate on wednesday.

Sewing mojo, where are you? Hiding next to my sportiness?!

Not much sewing besides the corset, but I also did some DIY stuff for WGT.

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Burdastyle 03/2012

Having checked my Burda Style review posts, I soon realised that this is my most viewed category. I don't know if this is just because an general interest in a review of Burda patterns or if my readers are just interested in my criticism of Burda, but I feel flattered...

The march issue traditionally has some wedding patterns and this issue also doesn't let us down. While the patterns for bridal gowns are mostly conservative and not very modern - sorry Burda!-, at least one or two of the patterns can usually be used for formal events.
Both dresses mentioned in my top 3 are -in variation- from said wedding patterns. Third best goes to a pattern for which Burda did not include any variation (I'm surprised, ususally they sell of the same pattern at least twice), it is a bridal gown with a corsetty midrif. Very clean, very streamlined and if you inlcude proper boning, this dress might hide a little belly which you don't want to show. In black satin I can easily imagine this as a dress for goths!
My second choice would be the little skirt with an interesting waistline. Creating a v-detail here, the shape is very flattering for rounder bellies and the ruflling makes the part even more visually attractive.  It seems to be a wrap skirt for which I hope Burda included enough overlap. Otherwise the seamstress will have to increase the width of the front parts.
My favourite pattern from this issue is another dress from the bridal collection, this time in the non-white variation. Nice empire waitsline, shoulder straps wide enought to hide bra straps and I like the use of stripes for this pattern. Nice one!

This month, the bad cases are plenty. I had a hard time choosing between several designs (What about the garden series, are they kidding me?), but here are my favourite nutjobs:
The pullover deserves at least honourbale mentions. The pattern might be nice in another colour, but this pullover looks like the stuff that would have even shamed me a s akid with no fashion sense. It looks childish, homemade in a bad way and rather cheap. Not a good choice if you want to sell a pattern to a modern audience!
I'm not really a fan of jeans shirts, jeans only worke well as trousers in my opinion. But the pattern on the left takes this cowboy shirts on a new, bad level! It looks frumpy, the sleeves are out of proportion and the chest pockets make everyones boobs look saggy. You are better of if you steal your cowboys men's shirt!
And while we're at it: No fake leather fringes if not on a real cowboy, american native or costume! If you wnat to dress up as Pocahontas for carnival, grap your issue: This is the right dress!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Visiting *wollmaus*

Yesterday, I visited my friend *wollmaus* for a little chat and sew round. I haven't seen her this year, so I was really eager to meet her again! As a gift I brought her a little pincushion:

Owl (made from leftover pieces of fabric, the patter can be found here)

with a label on the back ^^
After modeling her pretty new shoulder wrap, she sewed a woolen skirt -which doesn't make her butt look big, rather neo-victorian- and she helped me fitting my new corset pattern:

mockup, not the real deal! Seeing this pic, it needs further waist reduction. But the shape is good, this is done without any boning!

Makes me look a bit pregnant, I need to make my changes up to the waistline!

back fits good - the lacing panels were a great idea that Neisella showed to me: sturdy fabric with leftover eyelets with a steel bone to keep the panel straight

After some cooking (delicious cauliflower-chickpea curry and selfmade Naan), we had a lot of fun with singing along songs from the 90s and wonderful coverversions of "Somebody that I used to know" (1, 2)! It was a wonderful day, thanks *wollmaus*!