Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday cake - lemon muffins again!

- this post was sceduled to be posted last sunday when I was out and about, but somehow blogger decided against it. Sorry I didn't notice until now!-

During my meetups with my RPG group I told them about my habit to bake every weekend. Of course they were more than willing to try anything yummi I would bring! So this saturday I made a batch of lemon muffins.

To my defence for preparing the same old recipe again and again - they are really tasty, my boyfriend doesn't feel left out because he likes them as well and I thought something like this would be perfect for handing out.

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by Frizzi said...

Rollenspielrunden futtern ja auch alles, was man ihnen vorsetzt, oder? Schön, wenn sie ausnahmsweise etwas wirklich Gutes ihren Chips vorziehen. Zitronenmuffins sind aber auch immer lecker.