Friday, December 16, 2011

Ugly fabric - funky pants!

After going through my blog I realised I never showed you the results of the ugly fabric swap! Sorry, but I swear it's not because I'm unhappy with the results! I hope you still remeber me unwrapping it?


I made some shorts from the wonderful neon coloured 80's fabric I recieved:

Sexy flash-y front picture

my very first double welt pocket - looks good, right?

clean and simple back

I used a pattern I traced myself from bought H&M shorts. I added the double welt pocket (my first!), handsewed the waistband and searched all my stash for a matching button. A lot of thought and work went into this shorts despite the hideous fabric...^^ And I really wore them out in public:

It was so much fun we already plan a repeat next year! ^^