Monday, December 26, 2011

Lacy sweat dress

On the day after christmas, my true love gave to me... - one finished project, two used fabrics, three fabric market finds used up and a partridge in a pear tree! *sing*

back without closure - thank god the fabric is stretchy!

I used all of the grey sweatshirt fabric for this dress (pattern is V8413, my first one from vogue). Literally all of it. The coupon was not the normal 1.5x1.5m but rather 1.2x1.5m. So, I was short on fabric, because the dress planned for 1.65m. I cut everything in single layer but found out when I was done cutting: I forgot one sleeve. So I decided to do what every good christian would:

Let's call this extemporaneous, right?
I swore a bit. I thought about using a contrasting fabric for the sleeves. Then I just serged the remaining pieces of fabric together and covered the cut sleeves with the leftovers of the stretchy lace. And as they looked a bit lost - as if someone didn't have enough fabric and improvised, ahem!-, I also covered the collar with said lace.
Noone will ever notice in the finished dress, the lace is covering the additional seams very well... Strike!

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Neise||a said...

Super gemacht, das Kleid ist echt toll! Mir fehlt momentan die Motivation zu nähen T_T Ich versuch schon seit Tagen mich aufzuraffen, aber nix passiert -.-