Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lace shirt inspired by Neisella

Although it sounds very unlike me, I almost finished of all the fabrics I bought during the last fabric market (if you don't remember: It was 1.5m stretchy lace, 1.5m of jersey with lace print and 1.5m of grey sweatshirt fabric). I'm very proud and have to add that I'm also on the border of finishing the fabric bought on the fabric market before! Seems like I want to end this year with no UFOs...

Anyway, I bought the stretchy lace with one specific thing in mind: Neisella always wears these wonderfull lace tops that arehigh-necked but very revealing. I think they are very sexy and I found my wardrobe seriuosly lacking one. So I made one!

front (I need this bra to make my dressform resemble my figure)

I had no pattern and just winged it. I used the outline of a fitted t-shirt and added the sleeves cut directly from the fabric. It worked fine, the shirt fits very close but not cutting in! ^^

back with keyhole closure
Neisella told me to sew the neck on slightly streched which worked like a charm! The keyhole closure is neccessary to get in and out of the shirt. It is bound in stretchy "bias" binding.


Neise||a said...

Willst du mir das zu Weihnachten schenken? xD Total schön <3 Ich brauch auch unbedingt wieder ein neues!

MindLess said...

Uiiiii, Lob von der Meisterin! *rotwerd*

MarySew said...


machst du mir auch eins? :D