Monday, November 7, 2011

WGT 2012 - animalistic!

Only seven more month to go until next Wave Gothic Treffen (May 25th, 2012)! I'm now in serious planning mode... Since this year blogging about my progress helped to keep me focused, I will try my very best to keep you up to date about the way from planning to final product!

While sewing my tornure this year I fell in love with pompous dresses. So next year will be even more over the top (for me at least, I'm starting out on the traditional lace/velvet/robe gothic thing) than WGT 2011. This time I will draw my inspiration loosely from nature, but I will of course include details/ideas I collected from everywhere... I plan to make 4 outfits for the four days:
  1. raven
  2. bat
  3. spider
  4. snake

    This week I will present my sketches, details, stuff I already ordered and hope that you can help me get my sketches to real clothes. ^^

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    MarySew said...

    I love the idea. can't wait to see the results :D

    about that nerdy coffee date you mentioned on my blog ^^ How about Nov 19th including Stoffmarkt in Essen, hehe.(nee, da kommste jetzt nicht mehr raus aus der nummer xD)