Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

"This is halloween, this is halloween..." *sing* This year we had a halloween party at my place. All people were dressed up, BF and I decorated the flat and we had yummi disgusting food... - it was legendary! My costume was medusa, I used the snake hair piece I got from gisoh in the halloween swap:

Our living room was prepared to feed people with a spooky laboratory, jack-o-lantern and lots of creepy stuff:
Window with windmill, bouncy ghosts and skull candle
Table runner with fake insects and spiders, black christmas ornaments and pumpkin

Pumpkin close up - I love the wart! ^^

Mirror decoration - on the left in the back you can see the ghost I made from my dress form

Lab with normal lights

And under blacklight! The colours were taken from textmarkers and bled in water

I also decorated the kitchen for our tasty but horrible food buffet:

Muffins, wodka-jello brain, halloween quiche

leftovers of the vegan mett-foot and maggots with bugs (there were moldy rolls in the bag, but you can't see them)

Muffins (chocolate in purple and lemon in red and blue)

Pumpkin soup

Another jack-o-lantern with my friend spidy

I even added something scary to the other rooms of the flat:


bloody/gorey bathroom


Niniel-Chan said...

Hach, wie toll!

Die Deko ist toll und das ganze Ekelessen erst *yummy* Ok, das ist wohl nicht die erhoffte Reaktion...*gg*

MarySew said...

^^ I love your costume!

looks like you had a fun party

Insomniac Lab Rat said...

awesome decorations! I love the blood in the bathroom!

MindLess said...

Thank you guys! It was so much fun, I hope I can repeat this next year!

Btw: Our bathroom blood was ketchup... It removes easily and was easier to get than fake blood! ;)