Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Burda notes - 12/2011

This month's issue has not wowed me. Honestly, it was more lame than anything. I still picked three pretties and three not so pretties, but in the end, this issue is too boring for me to invest money in Burda. I pity the ones that got a supscription... (BTW, wasn't December the issue were the always included fancy underwear? Did Burda really deviate form the pattern? Unbelievable!)

No surprise that my choices for pretties include jackets, right? The bronze winner does look really interesting with the horizontal seams (which admittedly are hard to see in the black jacket). The peter pan collar adds a bit nerdiness and overal the fabric choice looks warm and matches the current temperatures.
Unlike the second place. It looks like spring with pale green and tulle overlays, what do you think? I know that Burda has fancy dresses in this issue for the nearing christmas parties, but I would have liked this dress -season adequate- in red. But the pattern looks flattering and the neck detail is interesting enough to keep the simple pattern from looking like something you buy at Walmart or C&A.
The winner is a jacket again, I just love these sorry! The bow in front is created by overlaps unlike all the patterns I've seen so far (which sew in bands in the side and then tie the bow infront of the actual closure). This looks very organic and a bit like a huge nicely wrapped package under the christmas tree!
But what about the bad sides of this issue? Well, at first we have a cape made from seafoam green silk. It is just a circle with a piece cut in one place. Do we really need a pattern for this? And who wants to play batman at christmas? (Apart from me finding it hilariously funny to run around the tree and sing "Nanananananananananananaaaaa-Batman!", but I'm not that grown up and settled yet...)
The second worst is a dress which has neither a flattering form nor interesting details. The colour of this dress - which of course you can change if you decide to sew it- is horribly unflattering, the shape makes you look as if you ate the whole thanksgiving turkey on your own and the satin detail looks as if you accidently applied it while you were sewing the front part.
But worst is this fake persian lamb coat. This was exactly what I was talking about yesterday, the coat my grandma had. I think it is nearly impossible to look younger than 60 when wearing persian lamb. Unless hte fabric is pink or neon green, that is.

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